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Where am I? 

ok, I had to put that up there.lol

Nothing like some good pho on a fun summer day!

(Note- I am going to not keep old photos in the gallery due to spacing situations, 
so after a few months of photos, I will start fresh. Request a photo if you see it missing 
and I will make sure to send it to you. Thanks again everyone!)

Updates - check out the Simpsons, the Weiner mobile, friends, parties and more!

quik1.jpg (42124 bytes)
I check out the Qwik-E mart, with doughnuts!

quik5.jpg (52538 bytes)
Alex might like doughnuts a little too much!

quik7.jpg (63476 bytes)
Tina and I check out the lovely town of Ballard

chrisvandme1.jpg (28222 bytes)
Later that day, I hang out with my good friend Chris!

chrispandme.jpg (34463 bytes)
Me and another Chris, a fantastic piano player!

bestmovieever1.jpg (43209 bytes)
Me posing by the "best movie ever!!!"

biteofseattle.jpg (37807 bytes)
Ratatouille at the Bite of Seattle!

mariners.jpg (43271 bytes)
Nothing like a Mariners game!

mpicnic.jpg (46527 bytes)
I love me that Microsoft picnic...mmm...maybe I just love food.lol

rubberduck1.jpg (40080 bytes)
Watch out for attack duckies, Alex!

alexfood3.jpg (60878 bytes)
Alex samples pho, and a new tradition is born

faceoff.jpg (62698 bytes)
While we ate our food, our friends had a staredown

mariampho2.jpg (71787 bytes)
I'm serious about my pho now!

crazyeyes.jpg (61184 bytes)
Yeah, everyone gives me crap about this photo.lol

eatingchip.jpg (59052 bytes)
Yup, I'm eating again

jodibirthday5.jpg (5279 bytes)
I help celebrate Jodi's birthday!

jodibirthday3.jpg (5060 bytes)
A dangerous trio, hehe

jodibirthday6.jpg (11751 bytes)
Jodi and her lovely ladies, and hottie Fil

pier6.jpg (36139 bytes)
I take a walk along the pier

pier7.jpg (38758 bytes)
I love my red jacket

me_chris1.jpg (41979 bytes)
Chris and I strike a cute pose

weiner1.jpg (37408 bytes)
My lifelong dream!To get  pics of the weinermobile!

weiner2.jpg (36011 bytes)
Weiner on the highway!

weiner3.jpg (25056 bytes)
That's right, baby! It's the real deal!

jeremy_4.jpg (31755 bytes)
I hang with my bud Jeremy!

robert_me.jpg (35090 bytes)
I went to school with this guy! Me and Robert hang out

dancing_3.jpg (44467 bytes)
Getting tough in the club with my new friend

dancing_13.jpg (42246 bytes)
Luke checks out my rockin' do

dancing_14.jpg (51776 bytes)
Everyone's striking a pose

dancing_15.jpg (45003 bytes)
Me and my dudes.lol


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