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Where am I?

When golfing, make sure you have that special pout going on! LOL

Check out my galleries, both recent and older. Whether it's a show, a trip, fun in the Seattle area or otherwise, it will be shared in these galleries. Let me know if you have questions about any of the photos, and hope you enjoy!

Recent Shots
New updates include Garden D'lights, Thanksgiving, my birthday, rainforest cafe, celebrations with friends and fun pics!

xmasshow2.jpg (311943 bytes)
Nothing is more fun than a carousel ride at the expo!

xmasshow3.jpg (297516 bytes)
Maybe Madonna's accident makes me scared of those tough carousel horses!

xmasshow4.jpg (302446 bytes)
Ok, so who took the picture, Alex? ;)

xmasshow5.jpg (418713 bytes)
Checking out the new Showplex was cool! Lots of xmas goodies!

xmasshow6.jpg (249142 bytes)
Another great holiday comes to an end!

bellevue_lights_3.jpg (358993 bytes)
Look at the cute little froggie!

atcoffeeshop.jpg (93403 bytes)
My hair is a bit darker now, what do you think?

meandchris_1.jpg (83408 bytes)
Chris and I have some fun with some cute photo booth shots!

rainforest_1.jpg (178311 bytes)
Back at the rainforest cafe again, I really like that restaurant!

xmasshow1.jpg (313160 bytes)
The gang (Alex, Tina and Steve) enjoy free minty mochas at the xmas fair!

bellevue_lights_6.jpg (293399 bytes)
I took a fun-filled visit to Bellevue's Garden of Lights!

bellevue_lights_1.jpg (336456 bytes)
I really loved how they did this display!

bellevue_lights_2.jpg (293042 bytes)
Everywhere you look, there were flowers!

bellevue_lights_4.jpg (353075 bytes)
Look at this great display!

bellevue_lights_5.jpg (280360 bytes)
Nick enjoyed the displays too!

alexparty4.jpg (130545 bytes)
Alex models the latest in fashion trends!

alexparty5.jpg (129799 bytes)
I just had to sample the desserts!

alexparty6.jpg (165882 bytes)
I was definitely ready for some bingo!

nicksanta1.jpg (57816 bytes)
Nick took our toys for tots to the mall and dressed the part too!

nicksanta2.jpg (54696 bytes)
The loot is on its way to Santa so he can get them ready for the kids!

kurtbday2.jpg (142407 bytes)
Kurt was all gussied up too!

kurtfriends1.jpg (129338 bytes)
I hung out with some of Kurt's airport friends at a housewarming party! Fun!

alexparty1.jpg (111678 bytes)
I got a cool bubble maker from Alex for Christmas!

alexparty2.jpg (116169 bytes)
Alex got cool gifts too - a spongebob calendar!

alexparty3.jpg (138613 bytes)
Ok, only Alex could get me to wear these! LOL

mbirth_3.jpg (147864 bytes)
I got this really cute purse from Kurt - and Paris Hilton has one too!

mbirth_2.jpg (129979 bytes)
My friend Michelle sent me all kinds of Madonna goodies, I was in heaven!

mbirth_1.jpg (125877 bytes)
Well, of course a girl likes money on her birthday!

birthday_me.jpg (103725 bytes)
I didn't know you became a cake killer when you turned 33! LOL

kurtbday1.jpg (126859 bytes)
I got to go out to a nice restaurant for my birthday thanks to Kurt!

tgiving_1.jpg (101923 bytes)
I couldn't wait to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner!

tgiving_2.jpg (90713 bytes)
Me and my special beanies!

tgiving_3.jpg (101012 bytes)
Nick and I had eyes bigger than our stomachs!

tgiving_4.jpg (117929 bytes)
It's the whole family for Thanksgiving dinner!

mbirth_4.jpg (130385 bytes)
Ok, whose idea was this pin? LOL

chris_me_boat.jpg (189485 bytes)
Chris and I took a fun trip to Bainbridge Island!

rain_1.jpg (98486 bytes)
Mom looks at a cool decoration in the Rainforest Cafe!

rain_2.jpg (86910 bytes)
I eat some pot roast for my birthday dinner!

rain_3.jpg (79503 bytes)
Doesn't that look cool! Volcanoooo!

rain_4.jpg (89421 bytes)
I like my volcano, but I couldn't eat it all!

chris_eat_2.jpg (198371 bytes)
Doesn't Chris look like someone from the 50's? Too cute!

halloween2005.jpg (341525 bytes)
I got pretty funky at bingo for Halloween this year!

halloweennick.jpg (67042 bytes)
Even my friend Nick got in on the fun!

halloweeneating.jpg (78174 bytes)
I put on my Martian ears for a night out for Halloween!

chris_eat_1.jpg (186572 bytes)
Chris opted for a scared look instead for Halloween! LOL

grocery.jpg (53589 bytes)
I always enjoy grocery night!

mepool.jpg (62397 bytes)
For one excursion, I even tried my hand at pool! First time too!

mariambike.jpg (41113 bytes)
My friend Alex let me try out his new bike, it's so cool looking!

meandjohn.jpg (70370 bytes)
Me and my old friend John hang out at the Red Robin!

meandchrisv.jpg (119414 bytes)
I love hanging out with Chris, and we had fun at Dave's Diner!

IMG_2146.jpg (537967 bytes)
Crazy Gorge Squirrels or Chipmunks, or whatever!

edmonds2.jpg (175485 bytes)
it was a hot day in Edmonds!

edmonds1.jpg (160069 bytes)
Nick liked edmonds too!

minigolf2.jpg (197215 bytes)
I've always wanted to climb the Eiffel Tower...not!

minigolf3.jpg (212952 bytes)
Nick tries his hand at it too!

DMB_002.jpg (292936 bytes)
When you are out in the Gorge, you need ice cream!

DMB_007.jpg (235829 bytes)
A nice shot of the Gorge and one of my eyeballs.lol

DMB_009.jpg (270890 bytes)
Me stuffing my face again...

DMB_011.jpg (258565 bytes)
Lots of devoted Dave fans!

DMB_014.jpg (271836 bytes)
Nick sticks his tongue out at all the naysayers

bite_4.jpg (127888 bytes)
I also went with Troy and enjoyed fun treats!

mariamnight.jpg (75837 bytes)
Later that night, I enjoyed the city views!

cheesecakefactory.jpg (63053 bytes)
I also like eating cheesecake, even though I am not supposed to!

redrobin_3.jpg (90485 bytes)
Enjoying water views while having lunch, yep,eating again...lol

redrobin_2.jpg (78414 bytes)
Kurt enjoyed the day out too!

kurt_bday_3.jpg (82118 bytes)
I had a lot of fun on Kurt's birthday!

kurt_bday_4.jpg (91414 bytes)
We had a good time!

bite_1.jpg (88455 bytes)
I tried Cathy Casey's Alley at the Bite!

bite_2.jpg (110258 bytes)
Nick got some great free tastes too!

bite_3.jpg (100870 bytes)
I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in!

portland_self_1.jpg (133184 bytes)
When I took a trip to Portland, I ate in this Mexican restaurant - yummy!

portland_self_2.jpg (103760 bytes)
Everything is so beautiful in Portland!

portland_self_3.jpg (55382 bytes)
Yes, I even take a picture while on the phone, I am such a weirdo! LOL

kurt_bday_1.jpg (137869 bytes)
I don't usually show this much skin, lol!

kurt_bday_2.jpg (92701 bytes)
Kurt got a beanie for his birthday, surprise, surprise.lol ;)

coulon.jpg (63146 bytes)
I love going to Coulon Park!

20050702_CaliPizzaKitchen_010_sm.jpg (29825 bytes)
I went to California Pizza Kitchen with my friend Nick!

20050702_CaliPizzaKitchen_012_sm.jpg (29851 bytes)
Walking the streets of Bellevue!

oliver4.jpg (130554 bytes)
Me after the Oliver concert being silly!

nick_me_game.jpg (75663 bytes)
Nick and me take in a game - we won too!

nickbirthday.jpg (52361 bytes)
I celebrated Nick's birthday at the Rainforest Cafe with a tropical theme!

nick_birthday_all.jpg (100347 bytes)
The whole family was in on it! (even the beanie!)

nickbirthday2.jpg (64727 bytes)
Nothing like yummy cake afterwards!

fourth_gang.jpg (71439 bytes)
The gang gets ready for the fourth of July!

fourth_gang_2.jpg (66248 bytes)
The fireworks were awesome!

meandtroy_1.jpg (155727 bytes)
Me and my friend Troy enjoy the views of Seattle!

waterfront_june.jpg (186571 bytes)
I love city views!

international1.jpg (177927 bytes)
I love going to the international festival, and it's local too!

international2.jpg (159881 bytes)
Me and my friend Kurt posed for the camera!

kurt3.jpg (191082 bytes)
Kurt tries out the wares at the festival

busstop.jpg (331155 bytes)
Just waiting by the bus stop - wait, is that a bus stop?

fremontfair.jpg (406542 bytes)
Checking out the Fremont Fair is a lot of fun!

kurt_baseball1.jpg (381551 bytes)
What a view at the baseball stadium!

kurt_baseball2.jpg (310402 bytes)
I almost got the Moose- but he was too fast!

kurt_baseball3.jpg (301268 bytes)
My friend Kurt and I had a fun time at the game!

mariam_game_2.jpg (23174 bytes)
I love kettle korn at the games!

mariam_game_3.jpg (31205 bytes)
You have to take a beanie to the game!

mariam_game_1.jpg (37897 bytes)
Getting ready for the Mariners game!

photobooth_mom.jpg (31857 bytes)
Mom strikes a pose in the photo booth!

photobooth_me.jpg (32751 bytes)
I do too!

kurtandmariam.jpg (65793 bytes)
Me and my friend Kurt enjoy the waterfront!

mariam_waterfront.jpg (50527 bytes)
Was something in my eye?

mariamfountain.jpg (47804 bytes)
Enjoying nice weather when it comes around!

mom_diabeticexpo.jpg (34206 bytes)
Mom checks out the diabetic expo

me_diabeticexpo.jpg (29674 bytes)
I enjoy the diabetic expo too!

mom_birthday.jpg (277464 bytes)
I enjoy my mom's birthday

mom_birthday_2.jpg (365122 bytes)
Everyone's getting down!

spring_1.jpg (211271 bytes)
I couldn't wait for the pigs to race at the spring fair!

spring_2.jpg (325913 bytes)
And they're off!

spring_3.jpg (335337 bytes)
My friend Nick has the cool pose down!

spring_4.jpg (350304 bytes)
Not sure how well I do.lol

spring_5.jpg (234404 bytes)
Yes, I ate a funnel cake, but hey, it was the fair!

spring_6.jpg (265576 bytes)
Even the peep had fun on this trip!

beforeshow_1.jpg (215907 bytes)
Hamming it up for U2!

beforeshow_outside.jpg (322805 bytes)
I loved showing off this shirt!

grouponboat.jpg (45832 bytes)
Jeremy, his mom and me take the ferry!

mariamincity.jpg (61537 bytes)
Checking out the city!

standingup.jpg (81127 bytes)
Hanging out at the Center!

stevebirthday.jpg (39580 bytes)
Steve and I celebrate his birthday!

waitingforboat.jpg (55203 bytes)
I'm always waiting for a boat! LOL

meseattlecenter.jpg (39579 bytes)
Hanging out at Seattle Center!

jeremy_mariam_art.jpg (43299 bytes)
I check out Jeremy's art, his work is so good!

jeremybirthday.jpg (41443 bytes)
For Jeremy's birthday, we hit the casinos!

afterwaconcert.jpg (36785 bytes)
Boy, was I happy to see Duran Duran!

stickers.jpg (41244 bytes)
I get to be a sticker, yay!

havingadrink.jpg (36901 bytes)
I take a drink break in the ghetto!

zoosmile.jpg (53648 bytes)
Me and the hippo are getting along well at the zoo!

stravinsky.jpg (37878 bytes)
Wonder what I am thinking?

valentinekiss.jpg (39683 bytes)
You gotta love Valentine's Day!

incredibles.jpg (39580 bytes)
I am so happy to get my gift- Incredibles calendar!

mariaminline.jpg (238016 bytes)
Waiting in line for Fanfest!

mariampress.jpg (64623 bytes)
Giving Dave Niehaus a run for his money!

memooseteresa.jpg (223168 bytes)
Me, Teresa, and the Moose!

stevemariambase.jpg (284222 bytes)
Steve and Mariam walk the bases!

brethand.jpg (209928 bytes)
Bret Boone's hand signing my autograph!

coollook.jpg (213962 bytes)
I act all cool during a trip to Tacoma - incognito!

rose.jpg (218299 bytes)
I found this rose by the bus stop - I had to enjoy it!

spaghetti.jpg (248988 bytes)
Eating spaghetti at Seattle Center!

jeremy_9.jpg (280349 bytes)
Checking out Polar Express in 3-D!

gifteee.jpg (248910 bytes)
I got a gift after xmas - that was sweet!

zoolights_8.jpg (38747 bytes)
There was so much to see at Zoolights, I had to take it all in!

zoolights_6.jpg (71535 bytes)
This beautiful scene was one of many at Zoolights!

zoolights_3.jpg (54897 bytes)
I even chatted with some friends while I was there!

zoolights_4.jpg (51886 bytes)
Isn't this just adorable?

zoolights_2.jpg (108613 bytes)
I loved seeing all the amazing light displays!

monsters_1.jpg (66640 bytes)
Me and Mom get ready for Monster's, Inc. on Ice!

monsters_2.jpg (38108 bytes)
The CDC was out to check on any loose kids!

xmas_nick.jpg (80109 bytes)
My friend Nick and I checked out the xmas fairs!

santa_mariam.jpg (53871 bytes)
Yep, I can't help but be Santa at Xmas!

mariamside.JPG (182027 bytes)
Interesting side shot of me, dontcha think?

roger_mariam_small.jpg (37804 bytes)
Roger and I share a hug!

bollywood_1_small.jpg (78027 bytes)
Steve and I enjoy ol country buffet together!

birthdaybow.jpg (48797 bytes)
I celebrate my birthday!

jeremy_mariam_small.jpg (69801 bytes)
Jeremy and I strike a pose!

thegang_small.jpg (75928 bytes)
The gang's all here!

canada_1.jpg (86357 bytes)
I pose by a fountain in Vancouver

canada_3.jpg (105956 bytes)
The lights in Canada were so beautiful!

canada_4.jpg (89640 bytes)
Me and my Canadian posse - Patty, Jason and Sean!

canada_5.jpg (77737 bytes)
My friend Sean is so cool, he makes amazing dolls!

canada_7.jpg (91420 bytes)
See what I mean? His dolls are truly one of a kind!

shoot5.JPG (89091 bytes)
This was a fun shoot-just playing with hair!

shoot2.JPG (102161 bytes)
Take two!

marilyn3.JPG (107643 bytes)
Trying on my Marilyn dress- it was so fun!

marilyn10.JPG (51446 bytes)
Doing my best Marilyn impression, what do you think?

dark6.JPG (48182 bytes)
My best punk pucker, did it work?

beanpuyallup_small.jpg (85856 bytes)
Me at the Fair!

desertpose_small.jpg (217922 bytes)
posing near the Gorge-to see Dave Matthews!

labor_1.jpg (33679 bytes)
I celebrated Labor Day with Valerie at Jodi's party - lots of fun!

sideshot_new.JPG (409937 bytes)
Me modeling a bit - I can't help but love to shop!

puyallup_2.jpg (25638 bytes)
What's the fair without an onion burger or two? ;)

weird_1.jpg (198970 bytes)
Weird Al showcases his polka skills!

weird_2.jpg (103721 bytes)
There's a party at the Leper Colony...

weird_3.jpg (118396 bytes)
making his way down the aisles

weird_4.jpg (76086 bytes)
It's all about the pentiums, baby

weird_5.jpg (158687 bytes)
Nirvana takes the stage in the form of Weird Al

weird_6.jpg (104823 bytes)
Al is wearing that trademark MJ jacket!

weird_7.jpg (85035 bytes)
Living in an amish paradise!

weird_8.jpg (96742 bytes)
Yo, we ain't see you around Burger World lately...

weird_9.jpg (105351 bytes)
Star Wars all the way, baby!

weird_10.jpg (161566 bytes)
Weird Al left us speechless, weird, you rock!

air_1.jpg (201540 bytes)
Mom makes a face while Sid and I get ready

photo by me

air_2.jpg (113390 bytes)
Graham Russell sings passionately for the crowd!

photo by me

air_3.jpg (125743 bytes)
Russell Hitchcock sings to his faithful

photo by me

air_4.jpg (178222 bytes)
Graham goes through the crowd, how awesome is that?

photo by me

air_5.jpg (231318 bytes)
You gotta love that shirt!

photo by me

air_6.jpg (224981 bytes)
This audience got really lucky!

photo by me

air_7.jpg (229385 bytes)
Take a bow, you were great!

photo by me

air_8.jpg (184398 bytes)
Mom gets to meet the boys once again!

photo by me

air_9.jpg (195660 bytes)
walking on down the line!

photo by me

air_11.jpg (193348 bytes)
my special moment, thank you Russell!

photo by me

MariamatPrince.jpg (14868 bytes)
I pose with my Prince program, what a show!

photo by Lorne

Prince04.jpg (8928 bytes)
The crowd works it!

photo by Lorne

Prince07.jpg (18854 bytes)
The man looks good!

photo by Lorne

Prince08.jpg (22210 bytes)
All the funky people join in!

photo by Lorne

Prince09.jpg (17170 bytes)
Take a Bow!

photo by Lorne

These are just some of the great shots from Los Angeles  and San Jose to see Madonna for her Re-Invention Tour. Not all photos are in yet, but this is some of them. See me on opening night, in Hollywood, at parties in San Jose, dressed as a boy toy and great shots of Madonna herself in concert! 

justposin.jpg (76094 bytes)
Me posing in Old Sacramento, old West style!

photo courtesy of Michelle Basart

trueblueposter.jpg (106487 bytes)
Couldn't pass up the chance to pose next to this gorgeous standee of Mo in Hollywood!

photo courtesy of Nick

boytoydowntown.jpg (120762 bytes)
Took a stroll in downtown LA and all I got was this Boy Toy shirt...;)

photo courtesy of Patricia Heath

amtraksac.jpg (94810 bytes)
Michelle Basart and I arrive in the Sacramento train station to get ready for Madonna!

photo courtesy of Dad

steamboat.jpg (125092 bytes)
The steamboat was so cool, I loved the old town feel!

photo courtesy of yours truly

re-invention_firstnight_2.jpg (36647 bytes)
Jodi, Me, Michelle and Jen on opening night in Los Angeles!

photo courtesy of Nick 

hollywood_1.jpg (138943 bytes)Here I am next to Marilyn's handprints at the Chinese Theatre.

photo courtesy of Nick

boytoy_1.jpg (153429 bytes)
Yep, the boy toy outfit! That's my mom, me and Michelle the second night of the tour!

courtesy of Nick

smiling.jpg (80608 bytes)I love this pic of Madonna that Michelle took from the front row the third night of the tour! She looks so pretty!

courtesy of Michelle Basart

mariam_nkm_02_485.jpg (51912 bytes)
Can you imagine being this close to Madonna? My God, that's my hand on the left! Wow!

courtesy of Michelle Basart

outsideapplebees.jpg (73365 bytes)
Here we are in Modesto, California meeting my good friend Joseph at an Applebees just before the show! (also pictured- Angel Parks and Michelle Basart)

june6_1.gif (371916 bytes)I had so much fun meeting all the fans at the San Jose pre-party! Here I am with Toni and Jason - you both rock!

photo courtesy of Toni 

june6_4.gif (297987 bytes)
I also met JoAnne and her husband and they were so very sweet to me. Thanks for making the party so much fun!

courtesy of Toni

june9thwithjoey.jpg (178227 bytes)
Here we are with good friend Joey on the final show on June 9th in San Jose. It was quite an experience!

courtesy of Joey

atshow.jpg (53484 bytes)
Here I am just before the show on June 9th at the HP Pavilion - can you tell I just can't wait? Madonna, you rule!

courtesy of Michelle Basart

In the Archive
Here are shots from a cool 80's New Wave concert I attended in San Bernadino, California in September of 2003. My good friend Chris took me to this event, and we had a blast! Not only are we both big Cure fans, but it was our first Cure concert ever (for both of us). Not only that, but Duran Duran performed on stage as a whole band, another legendary moment! I got to be in the pit with my friend as a lucky break and even got a few photos, more of which will appear here later. I also added blue spray to my hair. Truly gothy!

gothpose.jpg (59045 bytes)
I strike a pose in full goth attire, what do you think?

overview.jpg (75286 bytes)
Coming into the outdoor area, it was packed with fans!

tickets.jpg (56265 bytes)
My friend Chris checks the tickets - what a hot day it was!

stageshot.jpg (87049 bytes)
The stage was great, and we had a good view, but later it would get better!

coolm.jpg (84492 bytes)
Getting ready for the Cure and Duran Duran, I can't wait!

bluehair.jpg (54760 bytes)
Ok, maybe a bit heavy on the eye makeup, but hey, I never did goth before!

ddlive.jpg (79675 bytes)
Yep, that's Simon Le Bon and John Taylor, oh gosh, it was the best!

curelive.jpg (71820 bytes)
Can you imagine being this close to Robert Smith? I couldn't!

port.jpg (46441 bytes)Traveling back on the train I got gorgeous views of the coast!

sunset.jpg (38244 bytes)
And this one too! What a trip it was!

All photos (except the last two) courtesy of Christopher Dye. (check out his site at http://www.geekbox.org


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