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The Archive Gallery!

Welcome to a place I have online for random shots from my past, enjoy these shots and keep visiting!

CNXT0002.JPG (95450 bytes)
I seem lost in thought checking out what mom is looking at!

doitforlove.JPG (164430 bytes)
A true pic of a Hall and Oates fan - that's me!

canadalovecollage.jpg (96422 bytes)
I obviously love Canada! lol

thethreems.jpg (89190 bytes)
I hang out with friends in Portland- showing the M-love!

gorge_car.jpg (49605 bytes)
One of my first trips to see Dave Matthews!

boytoy.jpg (94329 bytes)
Nick and I get ready for Madonna's amazing concert in Los Angeles!

fountain_side.jpg (125312 bytes)
The fountain is so beautiful in Portland!

palmtree.jpg (99391 bytes)
I just love California! Here's me in Sacramento.

morefood.jpg (53810 bytes)
I just love to eat! Can't wait for this year's festivals!

meandedgar.jpg (67559 bytes)
Me and Edgar Martinez - he is my favorite baseball player!

happywinner.jpg (33540 bytes)
I win the grand prize at a Madonna party in 2003!

3susans.jpg (180441 bytes)
I channel my inner Madonna for a fun Halloween party!

dancingparty.jpg (72721 bytes)
I look like I am ready to party!

cowgirls.jpg (192750 bytes)
You have to get your groove on before a Madonna concert!

mandcalendars.jpg (24501 bytes)
Me and my Madonna posters.lol

tigerfashion.jpg (241161 bytes)
Look at the fashions I am wearing!

snoqualmie.jpg (283385 bytes)
Checking out the Snoqualmie Railroad!

smileyface.jpg (201580 bytes)
me and smiley face!

meshorthair.jpg (335869 bytes)
Can you believe this is how I looked as a teenager? LOL

festivaloffoods.jpg (143127 bytes)
Me and my friend Chris check out the Christmas fair!

headgear.jpg (264112 bytes)
Me with headgear! Yes, I had it!

inseattlecenter.jpg (214180 bytes)
I hang out with a slurpee and a smile!

waterview.jpg (268091 bytes)
I was breaking out my poses from long ago!

rotary.jpg (253439 bytes)
Getting an award from the Rotary Club!

mekeyboard.jpg (273495 bytes)
Me at the keyboards, where I love to be!

IMG_1349.jpg (80991 bytes)
me at a past xmas with lights - I miss those!

IMG_1376.jpg (121860 bytes)
I look like I got benched! LOL

IMG_1411.jpg (160724 bytes)
I think I am in a trance in this photo at the Science Center!

IMG_1413.jpg (162197 bytes)
That geee-tar is so big!

CNXT0002.JPG (95450 bytes)
Me and mom survey her homemade photo album!

auctiondress.jpg (337896 bytes)
I wore this dress for the diabetic auction-what do you think?

beforeair.jpg (317411 bytes)
My look before the Air Supply show!

chrisxmasparty.jpg (343065 bytes)
Me and my friend Chris go to his xmas party!

fourthcakeoops.jpg (336266 bytes)
I tried to make something for the fourth- oh well!

mariam30birth.jpg (359081 bytes)
My mom gives me a digital camera for my 30th birthday!

eyeballs.jpg (17077 bytes)
My first self-taken shot, all eyeballs!

peace.jpg (20640 bytes)
Me jamming out at the WOMAD festival!

cali1.jpg (36868 bytes)
Checking out the Great Mall in Cali!

victoria_4.jpg (199347 bytes)
Spending time in Victoria is fun!

mariamcandy.JPG (168013 bytes)
I love going to the Science Center!

waterfront.jpg (200473 bytes)
Hanging out at Fisherman's Wharf in SanFran-what a treat!

snoopy.jpg (31385 bytes)
Me and Snoopy are hanging out!

inlandinvasion.jpg (91280 bytes)
Me and my friend Chris at the Inland Invasion in Los Angeles!

cheese.jpg (74642 bytes)
Me giving the peace sign and hanging out with Portland homies!

deerinlights.jpg (8140 bytes)
I look again like a space cadet!

meandandria.JPG (96632 bytes)
Me and Andria (a cool impersonator) enjoy our Madonna party!

CNXT0025.JPG (67603 bytes)
Me and Nick being silly at my friend Jack's birthday party!

blond.jpg (9548 bytes)
Me doing press for EMP, do I look like a space cadet or what?

ny2000.jpg (26240 bytes)
Partying in the millennium, how about that styling hat?

goodbye, kingdome.jpg (34127 bytes)
Can you believe it was five years ago the Kingdome went down?

chris_cake.jpg (308733 bytes)
Chris and I eat Darylcake for his birthday!

fourth_mom.jpg (235042 bytes)
Me and mom on the fourth of July!

hotel.jpg (227162 bytes)
Checking out the fun in Vancouver!

mariam_rog.jpg (246108 bytes)
Roger and I check out Jeremy's art at his first opening!

meandjodi.jpg (319299 bytes)
Me, Jodi, and her friend back in the day! (1996)

metrotown.jpg (339654 bytes)
Me at Metrotown Mall, my fave!

monster.jpg (404440 bytes)
A high five to Mike Wazowski!

nick_mariam_diddley.jpg (293373 bytes)
Me and my friend Nick enjoying some fondue!

nutcracker.jpg (300581 bytes)
Me and mom check out the Nutracker!

victoria_front.jpg (349291 bytes)
Me in Victoria!



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