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The photoshoot Gallery!

Everyone loves to strike a pose, and I am no different. Here then are some of my more memorable digital camera photo shoots, most shoots in their entirety!

New Shoot!
The famous eyes photo shoot in its entirety, hope you enjoy!

CNXT0126.JPG (47828 bytes)

CNXT0120.JPG (44332 bytes)

CNXT0127.JPG (48416 bytes)

CNXT0121.JPG (48627 bytes)

CNXT0112.JPG (42228 bytes)

CNXT0131.JPG (49075 bytes)

CNXT0130.JPG (45728 bytes)

CNXT0129.JPG (48151 bytes)

CNXT0128.JPG (49907 bytes)

CNXT0124.JPG (48415 bytes)

CNXT0109.JPG (51452 bytes)

CNXT0111.JPG (44466 bytes)

CNXT0113.JPG (46707 bytes)

CNXT0114.JPG (49388 bytes)

CNXT0132.JPG (44736 bytes)

holly_1.jpg (52833 bytes)

holly_2.jpg (55428 bytes)

holly_3.jpg (70939 bytes)

holly_4.jpg (69009 bytes)

wanted_small.jpg (29318 bytes)

listen13.JPG (134326 bytes)

listen1.JPG (193857 bytes)

listen3.JPG (151123 bytes)

listen4.JPG (168456 bytes)

mixwoman.JPG (148326 bytes)

red_10.JPG (191583 bytes)

red_8.JPG (208543 bytes)

red_5.JPG (195035 bytes)

red_6.JPG (212144 bytes)

red_1.JPG (194333 bytes)

smilieone.JPG (133741 bytes)

sunday2.JPG (130439 bytes)

sunday4.JPG (141388 bytes)

sunday5.JPG (158775 bytes)

halloweencostume.JPG (30476 bytes)

tradingcard_aug_2.jpg (17237 bytes)
I was actually trying to change curtains, but didn't make it in time! LOL

tradingcard_aug_1.jpg (17957 bytes)
I have an interesting look on my face here...

tradingcard_aug_3.jpg (13394 bytes)
Simply said, I love pink!

tradingcard_disco.jpg (36444 bytes)
This reminds me of Madonna's new album cover! Yay!

ps_1.jpg (15881 bytes)
Trying out the white look, what do you think?

ps_2.jpg (15695 bytes)
I am going for the tough look here, is it working?

Here's a fun one I did a while back!

b-room1.JPG (209442 bytes)
Playing around in the bathroom

b-room2.JPG (179698 bytes)
Yes, that's spongebob in the background.lol

b-roomfun.JPG (210654 bytes)
Now pucker up!

lipstick.JPG (174355 bytes)
Got to put the lipstick on!

lookingup.JPG (203711 bytes)
Wonder what I was thinking?

I played around with my hair, and had fun with this shoot!

beforesalon.JPG (85029 bytes)
A very contemplative pose

bighair.JPG (137571 bytes)
Long hair is fun to play with!

bighair2.JPG (131171 bytes)
Wonder what I am looking at?

looking back.JPG (146873 bytes)
This is a weird shot, but oh well!

hairblow.JPG (149438 bytes)
It looks like I got a fan blowing, but nope!

Me and my guitar!
I did this as an inspiration from Madonna and the last shot shows what I was aiming for!

Mo_1.JPG (204614 bytes)
I got that look down!

Mo_2.JPG (186613 bytes)
What do you think of the braids?

mo_4.JPG (189974 bytes)
Strumming a tune!

mo_5.JPG (198736 bytes)
I got to re-learn the guitar!

mariam_reinvention.jpg (293877 bytes)
And here's the inspiration!

First shoot - Marilyn Monroe
I had the dress from my friend Michelle and thought I would play around. Here are the results. 

marilyn3.JPG (107643 bytes)
striking that pose!

marilyn4.JPG (96069 bytes)
I felt like a million bucks in this!

marilyn5.JPG (80314 bytes)
Do gentlemen prefer blondes? hmmm..

marilyn10.JPG (51446 bytes)
Perfecting the look in the mirror

mariyn6.JPG (88578 bytes)
Ok, I am not blonde, but it was fun to pretend!

Second shoot - Goth Babe
I got this hair extension thingie for the Cure concert I attended in September, but the shoot has lasted even longer!

dark5.JPG (49217 bytes)
Looking contemplative

dark6.JPG (48182 bytes)
I never knew a picture could be so popular!

dark7.JPG (49550 bytes)
Being playful yet again...

dark4.JPG (215760 bytes)
A bit of a different look there...

dark9.JPG (65902 bytes)
I still get compliments on this one!

Third shoot-serious girl
Here I just put my hair up and had some fun!

shoot5.JPG (89091 bytes)
I am happy about something...

shoot3.JPG (85624 bytes)
where was I lookin?

shoot7.JPG (109155 bytes)
I look like I am about to burst out laughing.lol

shoot8.JPG (92497 bytes)
There's a smile!

shoot9.JPG (83959 bytes)
I like this upswept look!

One last shoot (but more are coming!) - Me with hat (this is recent, another just playing moment)

hat_6.JPG (111673 bytes)
It's fun playing with hats!

hat_5.JPG (116951 bytes)
Do I look ready for a night on the town?

hat_3.JPG (113321 bytes)
Surveying the scene

hat_4.JPG (112240 bytes)

hat_2.JPG (100597 bytes)
Time to take this hat out for a spin!


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