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Personal Site Links!

Want to learn more about me? Check out these links!

Learn about my day-to-day schedule!

Learn about my websites!

Learn about my job history!

http://www.funatdavesworld.com - Dave's fun site with hot weekly updates!

http://www.geocities.com/budgott/myworld - Buddy has a great site full of daily reflections, favorite music and more!

http://www.geocities.com/suewright68/Home - Sue's been keeping us up-to-date plus sharing what makes her tick. Check it out!

http://www.geekbox.org - my friend Chris has a great site of his faves, concert pics and more!

http://www.mjfansnw.com - my friend Michelle started her own NW Michael Jackson fan club - check it out here!

http://www.everybodyfanclub.com - I run a Madonna fan club in my spare time- here it is!

http://www.hallandoates.org - and yes, I run a hall and oates club too - take a trip there!

Check out my My Space profile here!

http://www.hallandoates.com - Lori runs this official site like no other - she rox!

http://www.rogerwhiting.com - my friend Roger can really draw - his site is the best - check it and see!

http://www.myumees.com - my friend Sean makes amazing dolls called myumees, a trip to this site is a must!

http://www.angelfire.com/wa3/positivity/index.html - my friend Jennifer and Dorothy run a Prince fan club in the NW in their spare time -it's funky!

The Magic Balloon - Check out my friend Rob Billing's great books for children and big kids alike. He also puts on a bluegrass festival every year. You go, Rob!

http://www.artwanted.com/beefcaso  - My friend Jeremy's a very talented artist, and raps too! Check out his great site here. 

Have you seen this girl? - My friend Chris Clanton wrote this book all by himself, and it's a great read. Order it at the link on the right!

You can check out my friend Joseph's MySpace profile here!


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