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A Day in the Life of a Mariam!

It sure can get hectic at times!

A day in the life of a Mariam
(or what the heck is grocery night?)

Many of you have asked me, (and since I am always so busy I never have time to answer), what is it that I am doing with my time? Well, here's a little sample of some of the many things I am doing (and the mystery of grocery night). ;)

Monday through Friday I work downtown for the city. It's one of those tall buildings and I am on the 29th floor in a big cubicle, (I have to walk around to get the view, but it is incredible). To get to work, I have to get up pretty early cause I take a bus and live way out in the SeaTac ghetto, and I don't own a car at this time.

After konking out on the bus, I sludge to work, eat something, get situated and do lots of different computer tasks. Lunch every day is at 1p.m. and I make the most of it. Just this week, I ate at the waterfront, pike place market, and will be in the International District today. I love eating and shopping and lunch satisfies both of those for me.

I get off work a little after 6 p.m. and usually head home on two buses so an hour later, a sleepy me is home and on the computer again! LOL If it is Tuesday night, I work late, and get a ride from my friend and head out with my mom to get groceries (yes, my mom lives with me, more on her in future articles!)

Fridays are gossip days where I buy all the gossips I can and get caught up and I also get one 20.00 splurge for making it through the week, (no, it's not always clothes.lol) I have weekends off, and usually spend Saturdays shopping with Mom in Federal Way - and the rest of the weekend depends on what I scheduled early in the week, (I'm a planner) Most weeknights I continue to clean my apartment, organize stuff to mail, work on my websites, make phone calls, and try to rest.

And that's what Mariam's life is like~!



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