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Bowling for Mariam! (but it wasn't.lol)

This is the closest I got to a bowling ball! LOL

My birthday this year was so much fun, cause it literally was a week of non-stop activities! The beginning of the week I went and did a photo shoot (see this article) where my friend Kyle took a variety of photos of me for his portfolio. Then on my birthday, Madonna's concert which I hadn't seen since May was broadcast on TV so I saw it on HD and a huge screen TV with my friends Jodi and Fil. Then, I had my family birthday (see article here) on Thanksgiving, so there was lots of food, fun and frolic. And as shown on this page, I had a bowling birthday party for me and my friends. However, it was a Saturday night and well, there was no bowling to be had, unless we waited two hours! LOL We all took off to the Family Fun Center and played mini-golf together and the guys played lazer tag, then I played video games, and it was so much fun! I include a photo in the gallery below from hanging with Jodi and Fil and all our bowling festivities including earlier in the day when Alex, Tina and I went to Archie Mcphees! Check it all out! And thanks everyone for celebrating with me!

My birthday photo gallery! (Jodi and Fil, Archie Mcphees, and the bowling birthday party...not!)

mconcert1.jpg (230438 bytes)
Jodi, Fil and I celebrate right on my birthday by watching Madonna! No better way!

tina_archie.jpg (161733 bytes)
Tina and I enjoy our cupcakes from Ballard and Archie Mcphees!

birthday_6.jpg (45591 bytes)
Jeremy and I wait for the others to show up!

birthday_7.jpg (42204 bytes)
What should we do? Bowling is too crowded!

birthday_8.jpg (41404 bytes)
Alex says, "let's play minigolf!" And so we did!

birthday_9.jpg (39340 bytes)
Everyone was having fun, even tho it was freezing!

birthday_10.jpg (34240 bytes)
I didn't know the Eiffel Tower was that small! har, har

birthday_11.jpg (43644 bytes)
What do we do next? The boys voted Lazer Tag, and I took a break

birthday_12.jpg (33862 bytes)
The guys were hot after the Tag, nice pose, Aaron! You beefcake!

birthday_13.jpg (41923 bytes)
Look where I ended up, time to clear out the debris!

birthday_aaron.jpg (44542 bytes)
Aaron and I chit chat about how old I am.lol

birthday_2.jpg (29652 bytes)
Not sure what I was looking at, but I was transfixed!

birthday_1.jpg (49038 bytes)
The first gang shot!

birthday_14.jpg (38604 bytes)
The second gang shot! What am I laughing about?

birthday_15.jpg (48926 bytes)
Well, it was a nice bowling alley, maybe next time folks!


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