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Becoming a Model 

A test shot before I glammed up, and a shot from the first set after!

I want to start off by saying thank you to my friend Kyle for doing this for me. The week of my birthday, I was able to do a great photo shoot with three segments, spanish style dress, japanese girl, and hollywood diva. I now have some shots from each series that we did for the first shoot, and there is a second shoot we did which I can't wait to share. Kyle's site is at http://www.kylerice.com and his work is incredible. I am very glad he had me do this, and I know he will be able to do more work if you are interested in learning about his rates. Thank you again, Kyle, for the great work that you did!

Click on the smaller pics below to see the bigger versions.

The first two shots!

reddress2.jpg (33900 bytes)

upclose.jpg (28642 bytes)

The Red Dress series

red_sm1.jpg (20812 bytes)

reddress1_sm.jpg (25227 bytes)

reddress2_sm.jpg (23273 bytes)

reddress3_sm.jpg (23031 bytes)

reddress4_sm.jpg (27657 bytes)

The Asian Girl Series

measian3_sm_1.jpg (19251 bytes)

measian4_sm.jpg (23044 bytes)

measian1_sm.jpg (22301 bytes)

measian2_sm.jpg (30720 bytes)

measian5_sm.jpg (17092 bytes)

measian6_sm.jpg (27672 bytes)

measian7_sm.jpg (25207 bytes)

measian8_sm.jpg (24776 bytes)

measian9_sm.jpg (22944 bytes)

measian10_sm.jpg (18084 bytes)

measian11_sm.jpg (20682 bytes)

measian12_sm.jpg (18206 bytes)

measian13_sm.jpg (21313 bytes)

measian14_sm.jpg (25584 bytes)

                         The LA girl look

lagirl1_sm.jpg (25090 bytes)

lagirl2_sm.jpg (22811 bytes)

lagirl3_sm.jpg (21123 bytes)

lagirl4_sm.jpg (28744 bytes)

lagirl5_sm.jpg (26910 bytes)

lagirl6_sm.jpg (28527 bytes)

lagirl7_sm.jpg (22482 bytes)

lagirl8_sm.jpg (28525 bytes)

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