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I celebrated the big 3-4!

I have fun on all my birthday parties!

I want to thank everyone again for making my 34th birthday so special! From photo shoots to bowling parties, Madonna and family gatherings, I was treated again and again. Here, I show pics from the Rainforest Cafe where I went (no volcano this time tho), as well as my family party (on Thanksgiving, they give thanks for me.lol) and Aaron's birthday dancing night. It was great fun and I won't forget it at all! Next year, it's number 35, woohoo!

The Gallery for my birthday and Thanksgiving!

rainforest1.jpg (171953 bytes)
I give my best pucker at the Rainforest

rainforest7.jpg (239083 bytes)
I love the real rainstorms every half hour!

aarondancing1.jpg (244868 bytes)
Aaron takes me out for my birthday - to go dancing!

tgiving39.jpg (216058 bytes)
My birthday was a whole lot of fun!

tgiving7.jpg (28961 bytes)
I loved the gifts I got!

My family always spoils me!

Yep, still opening.lol

tgiving21.jpg (38854 bytes)
Yes, I loove Canada!

restaurant3.jpg (114986 bytes)
My mom and I at Thanksgiving brunch

tgiving37.jpg (193853 bytes)
I am so thankful for my family and friends!


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