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I get dolled up yet again!

The eyes have it in this shot!

Once again, my friend Kyle (see his profile here) outdid himself by doing another photo shoot and being even more creative this time, as he was inspired to try new and different things. We met up at his place, and I brought some props (such as a mask and a fan) and he had a scarf and lights and this was what we came up with. At the bottom is the link to the first shoot we did together. Let me know what you think! And check out http://www.kylerice.com for more great photos!




A variety of cool shots!

mask1.jpg (44254 bytes)

fan1.jpg (52126 bytes)

lights1.jpg (20746 bytes)

lights2.jpg (22282 bytes)

The scarf series - very unusual and unique!

scarf1.jpg (30456 bytes)

scarf2.jpg (32218 bytes)

scarf3.jpg (27884 bytes)

scarf4.jpg (38517 bytes)

scarf5.jpg (42327 bytes)

And this one was just for fun! I loved it!

shirt1.jpg (48176 bytes)

shirt2.jpg (33604 bytes)

shirt3.jpg (37118 bytes)

shirt4.jpg (32082 bytes)

shirt5.jpg (38163 bytes)

shirt6.jpg (33144 bytes)

                         Want to see the first series? Click here to check out what we first did together!

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