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Mariam's Year-End Recap!

I thought it would be fun to look back on the year that was - highlights, that is! From front row with both Madonna and Hall and Oates to my 32nd birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, Bollywood nights, and the holidays! Here is what Mariam did!

January - I rang in 2004 with my family reading Dave Barry and making New Year's resolutions. I did a very good job of writing them up, but not sure how much I actually got done.lol I remember not working during this month as I got laid off from the law firm I was temping at, so I believe I spent a lot of time being cold and waiting for something to happen. My aunt's birthday is during this month, so I am sure we partied!

February - During this month, I got a gig at another law firm and worked there for the entire month. At the end of the month, I got lucky as my friend Nick took me to Vancouver for a little bit of fun, which I most certainly had! I remember that a guy I worked with was also obsessed with stuffed bears as I am - that was really fun!

March - I think it was around this time that I learned that Madonna was indeed going on tour. I couldn't get over that, and was very excited. However, my excitement was also bittersweet, as I found out my uncle's cancer was getting worse and he would not have long to go. I didn't know what to do, and tried to find ways to learn more about his cancer (colorectal cancer). Since he was in California, it was a difficult time figuring out what to do. I was working at the first law firm I was at again at this time.

April - My mom's birthday (big 65!) came this month, and also my dad's birthday where me and my mom were going to see my dad in California. This came into play as we dealt with all my uncle's affairs and on ___ we lost my uncle to cancer. I was there, and it was the single hardest thing I have ever had to do. I love my uncle very much, and if I may seem to live in a crazy, silly world much of the time, it's in his honor as that is how he lived his life as well. 

May - This was a very unusual and weird time for me, as I dealt with the loss of my uncle and also going on a trip to see Madonna in concert. I was honored with two pit seats (later they became front-row seats) from Madonna's own manager, as she wanted me to do something positive to get my mind off of things. I planned and put together what I could, then got to Los Angeles and promptly got very, very sick. I ended up in the hospital a day into being there, with family, and friends flying down to see me. I don't remember much that happened down there, until the drugs wore off, but I know I should have taken better care of my diabetes. I also remember I couldn't make it to the pit, and they swapped me for front-row seats for Madonna's first show of her entire tour, so there, I was. Down the road, I am going to write all this down, but suffice it to say, with one loss, came another gain. Together, they have both made me stronger.

June - I came back up to work after the LA concerts for one week, and then made my way back down again for a few more shows in San Jose. I stayed with my dad, and filmed a lot of the before parties and show stuff for the documentary crew. It was better to be a bit more healthy, but I was still recovering from my big ordeal. The concerts were wonderful again, and I was just thankful to be alive. I came back from the trip and the job dumped me, so I was out of work. 

July - I was still looking for work during this time, and I went out and about to some festivals, like the Bite of Seattle and such. I enjoyed the summer weather, and kept on recuperating. I also used my networking skills to see what kind of work I could find out there. I got lucky with a networking tip on a newsletter and talked to another group, The Watson Group. They gave me a call, and the rest is history! I also started hanging out with my friend Roger, around this time. We started weekly meetups for movies, Bollywood, Ol Country Buffet, and more!

August - I got a job working with the city! I started right away and loved it. I took my mom to see Air Supply - and we got to meet them too! It was also during this month that I got to see both Prince and the Cure - and what fun concerts they both were! Check out my review of the Prince concert here

September - It was during this month that I found out I had won backstage passes to see Hall and Oates, plus second row and first row! I couldn't believe it! I also went to see Weird Al in concert at the Puyallup Fair, and continued to work at a great job! I also saw Dave Matthews at the Gorge, which was very good, and went to the Bumbershoot festival where I saw Seal in concert!

October - This was the month I couldn't wait for! It was sad saying goodbye to Edgar Martinez, as we saw his retirement game, but we were happy for all he did for us. I also celebrated Daryl Hall's birthday on October 11th, and then October 22nd was there before you know it! I went to Portland and got ready, and then we went to the show, and met Michael Mcdonald (who dedicated a song to me!), and while I didn't get to meet Hall and Oates, I did enjoy two very amazing shows, and for the second one, I got to give Daryl Hall roses! It was amazing and I won't forget it! For Halloween, I got to go with my friends Roger and Jeremy to a cool Halloween party!

November - During this month, I continued to work and got ready for the holidays. My friend Chris came up and I got to say hi to him! My 32nd birthday came and we celebrated at the Chuck E. Cheese! Read more about it here. I also enjoyed Thanksgiving and the day after - my favorite holiday! I had to say goodbye to my good friend Roger at the end of the month, but he is always with me in spirit. 

December - I made my way back to Canada this month, and enjoyed meeting up with my friends Sean, Jason and Patty. I also got ready for xmas, by sharing some parties with all my friends! I  hit both Xmas gift shows, and rode the carousel. I also celebrated xmas with family and my New Year's at home. I continue to wish to improve my life and live for my uncle. This was the year 2004!

Mariam's Year-End Recap Highlights Photo Gallery!

canadahouse.jpg (46272 bytes)
In February, I went to Canada and into this little house at ScienceWorld!

Mariam_and_Mom_040320.jpg (14298 bytes)
In March, I volunteered for the American Diabetes Association

meandmom.jpg (212113 bytes)
In May, I went with my mom to California, and said goodbye to my uncle

hollywood_1.jpg (138943 bytes)
In May, I went to Los Angeles and Hollywood to see Madonna!

justposin.jpg (76094 bytes)
I headed back to San Jose and Sacramento in June!

walking.jpg (231886 bytes)
Yes, I was quite the blonde during the summer.lol

sadbeanie.jpg (36837 bytes)
I hit festivals, and sometimes didn't get my way.lol

air_11.jpg (193348 bytes)
Hanging out with the Air Supply in August, that was fun!

weird_10.jpg (161566 bytes)
Saw many concerts in September - one of them Weird Al!

mariam_mm_mom.jpg (54084 bytes)
You can't beat meeting Michael Mcdonald - and I did just that in October!

halloween2004.jpg (157621 bytes)
Halloween was a blast with Roger and Jeremy!

chucke_me.jpg (87639 bytes)
I celebrated with Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday in November!

chris_nick.jpg (81403 bytes)
My friend Chris visited with me, and Nick visited with us too!

roger_mariam.jpg (176639 bytes)
Alas, Roger had to go to Utah, but I will always keep him in my heart!

xmastree.jpg (80385 bytes)
Sharing Xmas with Family made everything special!


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