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CALIFORNIA, Here I come!

You gotta wear a Barbie shirt when you are in California!

Ahh... California . I have to make the trek down there at least 2 or 3 times a year, if not more. This time, I went down to visit Dad, no concerts, I am afraid. The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee was on the same weekend which was a lucky break, especially since I love jazz music!

My dad lives in Elk Grove, a suburb not far from Sacramento . My mom and I decided to take the train down for the overnight trip and we packed up and got ready to go. Upon boarding the train, we were pooped but once in Oregon , three hours later, we got into the observation car and enjoyed the scenery. That night, I splurged and got a chocolate volcano, (don't ask, but it's a lot of chocolate.lol) then watched the movie, "National Treasure" which was pretty good. Poor Mom got sick so I slept in the observation car overnight. Cold-brrrrr - but not too bad!

Morning came, and it was suddenly warm. We were in Sacramento ! I called Dad to let him know we were on our way and getting out of the train, the heatwave struck. Oy! We got our luggage and headed home - I was beat! But there were family parties to attend to - so we rested up. It was so great to see everyone again, plus kids really grow up! The food was simply wonderful and filling (my aunt is such a great cook) and we watched my Re-Invention bootleg on the big screen TV - (too cool since it had been a year since I saw the real concert!)

The next day, we headed out to do some shopping and I hit this cool Indian store where I got bracelets, a magazine, some DVD's and the lady gave me a Veer Zahra poster for free! (read my Bollywood article here) I did some unsuccessful shoe shopping as well and then it was time to go to my other aunt's house for the evening. Even more yummy food, and catching up occurred.

I was excited as we headed out and hit dad's favorite antique mall - I perused the aisles, (there is sooo much stuff there!) and got this really cool beach sign for my living room. After some ice ream at Mcd's, it was time for another get-together at my uncle's place and we had the grand tour of his new house - beautiful! After another night of great food and old "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reruns, we went home. It's always good to see my family, as it brings back memories of my youth. Filling meals, fun times, laughter and silliness. ;)

Saturday was all about being a tourist! We went to downtown Sacramento and hit Old Sac for some good 'ol fun! Me, mom and Dad walked through the stores and picked out goodies (I got this amazing Marilyn Monroe purse that I'll probably never use - it's too pretty!) We also grabbed beads as everyone was wearing them for the Jazz Jubilee. The concerts were awesome and I just had to go on the steam train ride, so after wandering around, we got our tickets and boarded. It was a fun excursion though it really kicked my allergies up. Whew!

After, my dad was pooped and rested while me and mom hit the mall - more concerts and the Hard Rock Cafe! We chowed down and I enjoyed my first time in one. They even played a Madonna video! (Ray of Light) When we were done, we came back and headed home to rest. What a busy day!

Soon, it was time to leave so we took it easy and shopped around. It was nice and cool and I was in full Barbie mode.lol As the time to take the train drew near, mom and me prepared, but sleep took hold of us (at 2 am) and we missed the train! Yikes! (I have never done that before) We rode with dad early the next day (Memorial Day) and saw beautiful scenery everywhere. Coming into Portland , my friend Nick picked us up and after a nice meal, took us home.

And that was Cali ! Now, why do I miss it already?



Check out my California photo album!

wash_train.jpg (246537 bytes)
Here's washington from the end of the train!

cali_train.jpg (75677 bytes)
And now California from the end of the train!

ontrain_mom.jpg (306393 bytes)
Mom sorta enjoys the train trip!

dinner.jpg (100553 bytes)
Look at the food!

indiastore.jpg (98465 bytes)
Me and mom in front of the indian store!

family_visit_2.jpg (78427 bytes)
This is at my aunt's place, isn't it nice?

family_visit_3.jpg (75811 bytes)
I just love the fountain by her pool!

oldsac_1.jpg (361103 bytes)
I just love jazz festivals!

oldsac_2.jpg (396057 bytes)
Old Sacramento is a really fun place!

oldsac_3.jpg (227311 bytes)
I love all the old buildings and the old-time feel!

family_photo.jpg (91227 bytes)
A true family photo! Hey, who's the guy in the middle?

starwars_standee.jpg (271560 bytes)
How do you like me and mom against the dark side?

train_board.jpg (235809 bytes)
Time to board the train!

train_dad_mom.jpg (259230 bytes)
Mom and Dad enjoyed the train ride too!

train_steam.jpg (238791 bytes)
The stream train was really cool!

shoppingmall.jpg (289375 bytes)
Time to hit the malls!

jazz_dancing.jpg (72677 bytes)
There were great performances downtown!

hardroc_2.jpg (96925 bytes)
Nothing like the Hard Rock Cafe!

hardroc_1.jpg (96030 bytes)
Time to really munch down!

shopping_cali.jpg (232598 bytes)
Time to check out the deals!

shopping_cali1.jpg (235886 bytes)
Mom was ready to shop too!

me_madonna_guitar.jpg (230110 bytes)
My dad has the coolest guitar - signed by Madonna!

rest_stop1.jpg (274026 bytes)
Rest stops are very cool! And these were beautiful!

rest_stop2.jpg (235121 bytes)
Mom enjoyed Memorial Day as well!

oregon_coolspot.jpg (190780 bytes)
This spot in Oregon reminded me of "Back to the Future" - Hill Valley, anyone?

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