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My Year in Review - 2006!

I went back to Wild Waves this summer after not having gone there since I was a kid!

Now that we are into 2007 (can't believe we have hit that milestone, I remember 1987!), it's time to look back on all the fun times I had this last year. From my solo trip in January to Vancouver, to the holidays, seeing Madonna twice in concert, seeing Hall and Oates in concert, PM Dawn, Canada trips, Portland trips, family, friends and more! Just take a look...

The beginning of 2006 saw my solo trip to Vancouver, a makeover at Macy's, meeting my friend Josh on Valentine's Day, Jeremy's birthday and a trip to Portland for mom and me...By March, I celebrated St. Paddy's Day playing bingo, went to the women's conference, met Shelby, Nick and went out dancing with Josh! Early April sent me back to Canada to visit Brad and check out the sights, celebrate Easter and mom's birthday, and at the end of the month, see Madonna at the Coachella festival! May saw me preparing for ten days visiting my dad and family in Sacramento and seeing Madonna in concert, on the catwalk! In June I attended the Hall and Oates concert in the front row, started a job at Microsoft, celebrated Nick's birthday and our anniversary. July I met Barrie and saw local sights, then went to Wild Waves for some awesome fun, hit the zoo and Microsoft's company picnic! August was busy as I went to see the fireworks competition in Canada, took mom to Canada for some spaghetti, celebrated Jodi's birthday, and saw a couple of great concerts! September gave me some time to start a new job so I made use of it by going to Multnomah Falls in Portland, Bainbridge Island, Tacoma and of course the Puyallup Fair to meet Spongebob for the third time! I also went dancing some more! October hung out with Jim for karaoke, went to Victoria solo and took great pics! In November  got all dolled up for a model shoot, celebrated my birthday several times, and enjoyed Thanksgiving! December was busy with a very cool auction, Xmas, parties for my friends and the PM Dawn concert, and that was my year! Thank you for taking this trip alongside me! Let's see what 2007 brings!

madonna_me_small.jpg (80910 bytes)
I found Madonna was hanging out in Van too!

makeover.jpg (90386 bytes)
They really made me over at Macy's!

meandjosh_1.jpg (129626 bytes)
Josh and I met on Valentine's Day and became good friends!

jeremy_birthday3.jpg (257027 bytes)
Jeremy and I celebrate his 22nd, where else? Ol Country Buffet!

phil_mom.jpg (56421 bytes)
Mom and Phil hang out at this uber ritzy restaurant in Portland!

stpaddy.jpg (90465 bytes)
I made my place up for St. Patrick's Day!

menshow.jpg (54912 bytes)
Checking out the fine men at the women's conference!

southcenter_bubbles_1.jpg (236928 bytes)
It was so nice to meet Shelby, who is in a cool upcoming band!

meandnick1.jpg (56100 bytes)
Nick and I met and enjoyed the Museum of Flight together!

joshandmariam_dancing_2.jpg (224661 bytes)
Josh and I loved to dance, and check out the cool cats on display!

mariam_lookout.jpg (210183 bytes)
Brad took me to this great lookout at UBC, I loved the view!

bradandme_dancing.jpg (232386 bytes)
Brad and I also loved the nightlife and loved to boogie!

mariam_easter.jpg (71330 bytes)
Easter was yummy and fun! Omelet buffet!

mom_rainforest.jpg (68055 bytes)
Mom gets a  proper tribute for her big day!

coachellacollage.jpg (345169 bytes)
I couldn't believe I saw Madonna at her first festival this year, what an experience!

dadgarden1.jpg (150092 bytes)
I hang out in Dad's garden, it's so pretty!

mechicken.jpg (31446 bytes)
I got myself blond just for Madonna!

beforecalishow_1.jpg (28555 bytes)
My concert attire!

madonnalaisla.jpg (77389 bytes)
Madonna was gorgeous and amazing in concert!

bar.jpg (43323 bytes)
It was hard to leave and I can't wait to go back!

mariamoutside.jpg (47528 bytes)
I loved every minute of the show at the Paramount!

darylfight.jpg (45848 bytes)
Daryl looked great that night!


microsoftbadge.jpg (70687 bytes)
Yep, that's my badge at the big Msoft! That was quite an experience

calipizzakitchen.jpg (40823 bytes)
Once again, the Cali Pizza Kitchen where Nick and I first met 4 years ago!

nickbday1.jpg (81121 bytes)
Nick is always a jokester, but hey, it was his birthday!

barrievisit_1.jpg (128418 bytes)
I hung out at the Pike Place Market and showed Barrie around!

me_barrie1.jpg (174036 bytes)
We took quite a nice picture together, I would say!

me_barrie3.jpg (66418 bytes)
Barrie and I had great fun at Wild Waves!

zoo_2.jpg (73775 bytes)
I loved hanging out at the zoo, and seeing all the animals!

mpicnic3.jpg (47377 bytes)
The Microsoft picnic was awesome, and I loved all the free food!

pink2.jpg (216109 bytes)
I always go see the fireworks in Canada every year!

can1.jpg (46589 bytes)
There is just something about Canada, check out the view!

meandjodi1.jpg (150220 bytes)
Jodi and I celebrate her birthday! And I know what you're thinking ;)

fway4.jpg (274899 bytes)
I loved seeing Starship at the Federal Way festival!

nowwhatphoto.jpg (103046 bytes)
When I went to see Dave Matthews with Nick, I got to take this cool shot!

multnomah2.jpg (256894 bytes)
The falls sure were pretty!

bainbridge3.jpg (254870 bytes)
Me and my friend Paul loved the view at Bainbridge Island!

tacoma1.jpg (63472 bytes)
I love this shot Tom took of me in Tacoma!

puyalluplatino.jpg (53160 bytes)
I checked out the Hispanic festival at the Puyallup Fair!

meandjodisept1.jpg (16931 bytes)
I did even more dancing in September!

jimjoemariam2.jpg (107000 bytes)
Jim and I hung out and enjoyed karaoke together!

victoria1.jpg (44047 bytes)
I loved seeing the sights in Victoria, so beautiful!

reddress2.jpg (33900 bytes)
Kyle sure made me look good!

I had a great time at the Rainforest Cafe for my birthday!

tgiving20.jpg (37627 bytes)
I loved all the things I got for my birthday!

My family and I had a great time for Thanksgiving!

Wouldn't you love to get your hands on this dessert?

pmdawn1.jpg (242038 bytes)
I couldn't believe I got to see PM Dawn in concert!

xmas8.jpg (37043 bytes)
Xmas was a hoot, especially since I changed clothes three times! LOL

newyears1.jpg (46973 bytes)
The gang made a toast and that was that, so long 2006!

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