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Get your groove thang on!

I get down and funky with my friend Aaron!

I was really excited to be getting an invitation from my friend Aaron to his Xmas party cause as many of you know, I am a xmas party addict! LOL I get to dress up, enjoy great food, dance, and have fun and there's always lots of fun people to meet. Aaron works in the Navy so it was my first Navy party, and I swear I thought I was the oldest person there.lol Still, it was great to meet all the cool people working with this unit and be a part of their celebration. I enjoyed the free xmas ornaments we all got, and the food spread was just amazing! They had a great dessert spread too. ;) Aaron was on an amazing lucky streak that night cause he won two raffles, one for an mp3 player and another for the xbox 360! After that, he and I danced for a few songs, and let me say, there are some really good dancers there. I got to watch some ol skool breakdancing even. I opted for staying on my feet and shaking my booty though.lol Here's some pics from the event!

aaronparty_1.jpg (291591 bytes)
Aaron and I strike a pose for the camera!

aaronparty_6.jpg (259570 bytes)
I had a great time at this party!

aaronparty_7.jpg (284360 bytes)
Aaron couldn't believe his good luck!

aaronparty_5_small.jpg (71143 bytes)
Here's me and my fancy dress!

aaronparty_2.jpg (155170 bytes)
Aaron really got down after he won the xbox 360!

I go Spanish Senorita style for Kurt's airport Xmas party!

The Airport Welcomes You to a fun Xmas Event!

Then my luck continued when my friend Kurt invited me to his Xmas party for America West Airlines. We went to a community center in Tukwila and it was very nicely decorated for the event. Kurt made his specialty creme brulee's for the crowd, which I never even got to fast enough to sample! =( The SkyChefs made our food which was very yummy, and there were prizes (Kurt won an mp3 too, I must be good luck!) and dancing all night! 

I of course decided to enjoy a full night of dancing and wore myself out! They even played 4 Madonna songs and her new one, so I got to listen to "Hung Up" again! Yay! They also played "Santa Baby" and "Dress You Up" as well as my request for "Music". The DJ was the coolest! We even made a "locomotion" train and danced around the room! All in all, this was a very fun xmas party and it almost makes me wish for the holidays to be here again just so I can have this much fun again! Well, almost makes me wish! I want warm weather with it though! LOL Thanks, Kurt, Aaron and everyone!

We really enjoyed the great food the SkyChefs prepared for us!

A lot of Kurt's friends worked with my dad or knew my dad from Continental Airlines, that is so cool!


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