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Tyee All-Class Reunion!

Can you believe this is me back in the day? LOL 
Voted as most organized with Greg Landon!

Thanks for the memories...and on....and on....and on....and on. That's what a class reunion song might sound like if the reunion included classes from 1965 to the present day. And that's just what Tyee High School did at the end of July for their all-class reunion!

The event actually went on over two days with golf going on over Friday afternoon. After work, I tried to locate the golf course area that everyone was at and promptly got lost. (It was at Southcenter, not Kent.lol) We made it there to get in about ten minutes at the bar where I saw old classmates Stacey, Lori and Olivia. (see me, Stacey, and Lori in picture)

The next day I headed for Tyee High School . True to form, I blasted my tunes, (80's tunes I would have been listening to like Sly Fox's "Let's go all the way", remember that?) While walking down there on the hot day, I couldn't help but get tingles and shivers thinking about all the memories. It has been a long time since I had been inside this school!

I finally made my way there and surveyed the scene. There were food booths, games, photos on walls, time capsules, and yearbooks. And the cafeteria was open! I walked in there and wow, what a time trip. The tables and chairs changed somewhat but the stage and food area was exactly the same. Oh my. I saw Olivia and sat over by her as the current principal discussed the state of affairs at Tyee today. When I graduated in 1991, it was mostly white, but now over 57 languagges are spoken on the grounds! They also announced the hardships they were facing and come September, the school would break up into three separate schools to accommodate the students changing needs. Donations were needed and after chatting a bit with Olivia, I went over to help - and to get a root beer float - yummy.

While I sat and enjoyed a hot dog and rootbeer in the cafeteria with some music playing nearby, many, many thoughts came over me, like, I remember sitting in this same building so many years ago..and I was such a dork.lol Some things never change. ;)

I just had to go in to the one open building where my locker was at. You do feel deja' vu bad when things like this happen. One wall outside had collages up from each letter of the school and in those collages were so many memories. I felt like Geena Davis and Lori Petty in "A League of Their Own" and I even found a few photos of me, including the one of me and John Jones where we were voted shyest in school. Yep, they had an award for those things.lol

On the table in front were boxes and boxes of photos and I found out they were free! I dived in, (you know me and photos), and got quite a few treasures, including many shots of me, (in fact, a lot of the boxes were 80's photos, so bad hair was abounding.lol)

I took a break and called more people to get them to come. Finally, my old classmate Mike Hellickson caved and made his way down. What a treat! Once he got there, I took him to the locker area cause we both had lockers there back in the day and then I told him the story of how he gave me some cookies and cause I was so touched by it, I kept them in there all year and ever ate them! Ewwww.lol We headed back out and plopped down at the photo table to go down memory lane. It was so awesome to have at least one person who was there with me while I took that trip. After a while, Mike had to head out and so we bid adieu, and then it was time to get ready for the nighttime social so I headed down to the casino.

The casino had a great stage/reception are and bar downstairs and I got there early enough to watch the people coming in. Since it was an all-class reunion, there was a lot of people I didn't know, (mostly alumni from the 70's). I found one guy from the class of '96 and one from '99 and we dubbed ourselves "the 90's corner". LOL The magician and one stagehand became my fast friends for the night. I did get one surprise when my English teacher, Mrs. Rudy, arrived. That was awesome! She gave me sound advice to go back into music again someday and not to become an office drone. I just may have to do that. ;)

Me and Mrs. Rudy back in the day...

and us today!!!

After a while, I called it a night when my friend Kurt came and got me. While I wish more people from the class of 1991 had shown up, I was very happy for the memories, and a chance to see Tyee again! Thanks for the memories!


Here's a photo gallery of old and new photos!

levenhagen.jpg (54415 bytes)
This is a great shot of one of my fave teachers - Mr. Levenhagen!

mestaceylori.jpg (107379 bytes)
Me, Stacey, and Lori catch up on Friday!

meandolivia.jpg (117412 bytes)
Olivia and I got caught up the next day at the school!

mikelocker.jpg (89366 bytes)
Mike poses by his locker!

mariamlocker.jpg (103529 bytes)
I check out my locker too!


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