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It's good to be weird at the Puyallup Fair

The weird man strikes his classic pose September 12th at the fair!

Every year, it comes around and makes Puyallup one of the destinations to hit. It's the fair, y'all and this time I hit the scone-infested event a record four times! I saw Weird Al in concert, took my picture with both Patrick and Spongebob, got my treat bag, saw the draft horses and heard strains of Devo in the background while getting a photo button made. I noshed on strawberry shortcake and loaded baked potatoes, almost got hypnotized, checked out the hobby hall, got tipsy on free egg nog and chocolate milk and didn't ride any rides!
My fair co-horts were Nick, Alex, Tina and Michelle and since my bud Alex worked the fair parking lot, he had the hookup on some free fair passes! It is a tradition of ours to get our pic with Spongebob, but this year I got my pic with Patrick too - woohoo! And a first in my fair traditions, I got my photo button this year with Tina! A girl for the first time! I had great fun making the fair special for me and my friends this year. Thank you to everyone who was involved!

Here's our fair photo gallery for you to enjoy!

weirdal7_1.jpg (34304 bytes)
Nothing like having your own food holder!

weirdal3_1.jpg (56631 bytes)
Stylin with my 1.00 treat bag!

fairtime.jpg (50314 bytes)
Michelle and Alex try some of that good nog!

fairtime1.jpg (39200 bytes)
As for me, I like a little shortcake!

fairtime2.jpg (51470 bytes)
What are Alex and I looking at?

fairtime3.jpg (60131 bytes)
Yep, that's right, draft horses!

fairtime4.jpg (64636 bytes)

fairtime5.jpg (57382 bytes)
And great displays in the hobby hall!

puyallup_fri2.jpg (45606 bytes)
Alex in his fair costume!

puyallup_fri3.jpg (45472 bytes)
Hmm, maybe the gyro made me sad...

puyallup_fri4.jpg (42174 bytes)
Tina wasn't fazed by my gyro...

puyallup_fri7.jpg (59129 bytes)
Me and the rides I did not ride!

fair_5.jpg (56679 bytes)
Alex was all ready for Spongebob!

fair_3.jpg (57200 bytes)
While I contemplated my potato

fair_6.jpg (58681 bytes)
And yes, there were ducks!


Well, it's hard to write a review when you missed part of the show, but Al decided to be uber professional and start his amazing show early! I had Alex and Tina get to their seats while I went to get Nick, (since we had seen his show twice before). We made it in just as he was doing "Al-TV", (great hilarious segments on the large TV's in between costume changes), and mock interviewing Madonna. He made a valid point about how she always looks up at the ceiling when she talks, (I wonder that too!) and after enjoying that segment, we found out seats had been taken by some punks who we promptly kicked out of there! They ain't taking my seat!

The Weird One was in top form doing new songs, medleys and classic tunes. My personal faves were -
Fat, Yoda, Smells like Nirvana, Amish Paradise, Eat It and some song he sang on a Segueway! I could feel my mom's happy presence with us as she really loved the Al-man. He was a true showman and top notch to the very last song.
Now, if only had merchandise at the show!
4 stars

Here are more pics from the show!

weird3.jpg (38328 bytes)
Singing the classic "Eat it"

weird4.jpg (44316 bytes)
Getting his "Star Wars" on

weird5.jpg (33519 bytes)
The Seattle classic: Smells like Nirvana

weirdal2_1.jpg (20579 bytes)
I love seeing Al in concert!

weird6.jpg (32911 bytes)
There he is on that Segueway!

weird1.jpg (37610 bytes)
The show was a hoot from beginning to end!

weird9.jpg (60107 bytes)
Because I'm fat, and you know it!

weirdal1_1.jpg (30592 bytes)
I think Nick just saw a ghost! lol

weird8.jpg (36590 bytes)
Everyone hold up their cell phones!

weird7.jpg (57967 bytes)
Thank you Al, for a wonderful show!

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