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Pho' - The Wonder Soup!

Warm yummy broth, oodles of noodles, beef, chicken or any combo you like, sprouts, mmmmm....

If you are thinking Campbell 's soup, think again. You need chopsticks for this brothy goodness - this is pho'! A Vietnamese delight, pho' has hit it big in Seattle . From a few places in the International Distric to now virtually everywhere, going to a pho' restaurant shouldn't be a scary thing. Going in, you are seated and brought a menu of choices which is very easy to read. 

Consider beef or chicken pho' to begin with and order small cause large is just too huge for most people. You have your silverware at your table, so you can grab chopsticks and their cool spoon, (yep, you need both hands for this one). You will receive a plate with lime, sprouts and basil (plus hot peppers if you choose it). Once the soup comes in, you can add in what you like. No noodles? They are there, but in the process of expanding right before your eyes! Spoon is for your left hand and chopsticks for right (or switched if you are left-handed). Don't wanna pho' alone? Pho' clubs are popping up online as well (http://www.pholist.org) and it's always fun to drag a friend to try it for the first time. So, wherever you are, it's time to look up your first pho' place and enjoy!

More on the history of pho' -
http://www.vietworldkitchen .com/bookshelf/articles/pho _SJM.htm
A national Pho' chain - http://www.phohoa.com/


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