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Checking out Oly for the day!

Olympia is a beautiful place to visit!

In my recent travels, I have hit a place that I haven't been to in years - Olympia , Washington ! My good friend Kurt lives nearby in Yelm and we decided a day trip would be fun so I could better explore his neck of the woods!

One thing about Olympia - it sure is pretty! We went to a local pizza joint (with yummy pizza and cool 80's posters everywhere) and also surveyed the cool artwork on streets and alleys. Olympia has a fun, free-form vibe that you can feel as you walk around. Thrift stores compete for your dollars next to boutiques and a cool guitar shop had lots to offer and look at. My friend Jennifer visited for a spell as we walked on the waterfront, had ice cream, and suveyed the gorgeous views of the Capitol.

Walking around, I must say it would be fun to go back during an evening and catch a live show or the funky downtown scene. I chatted with one gal about the upcoming Ladyfest Olympia (I was one of the principally involved in Ladyfest Seattle in 2003) and if it hadn't been for conflicting plans, I would have enjoyed checking that out.

Either way, Oly is definitely a must. Thanks, Kurt, for sharing it with me and for such a great time!



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