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We have lots of fun for Nick's birthday!

We really know how to have fun playing Bingo!

One of our last gatherings with mom was Nick's belated birthday party. We ate KFC, opened gifts, sang the birthday song, and played bingo! Nick had a wonderful time and so did mom, who brought the usual tonz of bingo gifts that we could hardly keep up. She was her lovable self as always and she had her usual sharp wit about her as she played the game. Mom, thank you for making every party fun all these years!

Here's a photo gallery of our fun time!

nickday4.jpg (45217 bytes)
I anxiously await the festivities!

nickday5.jpg (71623 bytes)
My aunt and Nick enjoy the KFC

nickday6.jpg (45715 bytes)
It wouldn't be a birthday without a beanie!

me_party1.jpg (64037 bytes)
Working my cowboy look.lol

nickday8.jpg (63010 bytes)
Mom, bingo will never be the same without you...love you!



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