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Mom - how I remember her...

We loved going to concerts together! This was after a Weird Al concert.
Here, below is a gallery of mom...

NewYork.jpg (13308 bytes)
Mom and I in NY when I was young, twin towers in the background

monsters_1.jpg (66640 bytes)
Just before seeing "Monsters, Inc" on ice, we compare out characters!

momandme.jpg (21130 bytes)
We see the Nutcracker and meet a few of the characters!

meandmom.jpg (212113 bytes)
Mom and I a day after my uncle passed away

me_mom_bingo_daryl.jpg (263202 bytes)
Before a bingo game, one of our fave things to do!

Mariam_and_Mom_040320.jpg (14298 bytes)
We volunteered for the diabetic auction downtown for a few years!

bustier3.jpg (31666 bytes)
Now you just gotta love this photo.lol

baseball2.jpg (323447 bytes)
We loved going to baseball games!

bobandmom.jpg (29124 bytes)
Mom hangs out with a fellow Air Supply fan

Yes, that's Air Supply, they loved mom!

hardroc_1.jpg (96030 bytes)
At the Hard Rock Cafe in Sacramento

indiastore.jpg (98465 bytes)
 I love this photo of us

ontrain_mom.jpg (306393 bytes)
Being silly on the train

starwars_standee.jpg (271560 bytes)
We're ready to be in the next Star Wars movie.lol

rainforest7.jpg (239083 bytes)
on my 34th birthday, at the Rainforest cafe!

rainforest8.jpg (250519 bytes)
Mom was always so beautiful

restaurant3.jpg (114986 bytes)
We almost have the same expression here

Another of mom's fave expressions.lol

A great shot of me, my aunt, and my mom

mariam30birth.jpg (359081 bytes)
Back on my 30th birthday, mom gave me my first digital camera!

aftershow.jpg (221212 bytes)
After the U2 concert, mom was a big fan

mombalcony.jpg (37134 bytes)
I took Mom to see Duran Duran in Canada, she loved the view from our hotel!

nick_birthday_all.jpg (100347 bytes)
The gang's all here for Nicks' birthday, love this shot!

photobooth_me_mom.jpg (50514 bytes)
We even did photo booths together!

Fair007.jpg (31769 bytes)
My first barbecue feast with mom in tow!

Fair010.jpg (34669 bytes)
I got mom to wear the tiara.lol

nemoonice_2.jpg (120799 bytes)
Finding Nemo on ice, yes, we were big pixar fans =)

xmas_13.jpg (329956 bytes)
ok, who are the kids in this photo? lol

mariamfriday_12.jpg (85664 bytes)
Mom loves her some 3-d!

phil_mom.jpg (56421 bytes)
Mom met new friend Phil in Portland for a trip

mom_rainforest.jpg (68055 bytes)
Mom looks like she's getting high or passed out.lol

jeremy_birthday6.jpg (190968 bytes)
There's mom's fave expression again, poor Jeremy

jeremy_birthday1.jpg (134116 bytes)
There, that's better

meandmommarquee.jpg (76194 bytes)
After the Hall and Oates concert, do we look great or what? 

ogbmom.jpg (33725 bytes)
Chris and mom loved hanging out together

newyears1.jpg (46973 bytes)
the last new year's we celebrated together

Mom got beautiful xmas gifts last xmas

fway1.jpg (210156 bytes)
We attended the free Starship concert in Federal Way

can5.jpg (37056 bytes)
I took mom to Canada again so we could get some spaghetti!

birthdayhall_2.jpg (84266 bytes)
Showing off their Daryl power, chris c and mom

mariam_mm_mom_small.jpg (20719 bytes)
Our backstage moment - meeting Michael Mcdonald!

me_mom.jpg (59702 bytes)
Getting ready for another Hall and Oates concert

mom_mariam_audience.jpg (51373 bytes)
mom and me both enjoying a concert together, she and I were so alike

boytoy_1.jpg (153429 bytes)
Mom attending a Madonna concert with me and Michelle, she took me to my very first concert

hospital1.jpg (30205 bytes)
Goodbye mom, until we dance together again...I love you forever


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