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Mariam invites you to some parties!

We had such a fun time getting together for Xmas!

A new holiday tradition for me is to put together Xmas parties for all my friends and since last year's event went so well, I knew I needed to have another shindig for this year! I split it up over two days so everyone could attend (Friday and Saturday) Interestingly enough, most people didn't show up on Friday and we had the biggest group on Saturday. I used Evite to make the events happen, and that went really well. (Check it out at evite.com for your future event planning) Anyway, Friday night my friend Kurt, Aaron, and Steve came by for some food, treat bags, presents, and our 3-D movie. I enjoyed the event and so did they! And it was good practice for D-day. The next night!

Pictures from Friday night's celebration!

mariamfriday_1.jpg (70651 bytes)
Steve enjoyed checking out the tree!

mariamfriday_4.jpg (85178 bytes)
Kurt checks out his cool car!

mariamfriday_5.jpg (82649 bytes)
Mom got a cool old school toy!

mariamfriday_6.jpg (91050 bytes)
Steve got a cool astronomy toy!

mariamfriday_7.jpg (81232 bytes)
Aaron got a magic wand!

mariamfriday_8.jpg (85423 bytes)
Aaron poses with the host!

mariamfriday_9.jpg (81410 bytes)
So does Steve!

mariamfriday_10.jpg (72113 bytes)
And Kurt too!

mariamfriday_11.jpg (93846 bytes)
Time for 3-D movie!

mariamfriday_12.jpg (85664 bytes)
Even mom got into the act!

Saturday Night - D-Day!

Well, the next day I got up and started preparing the place. It was quite daunting to realize I was gonna have over 10 people in my little apartment, but I had to carry on and get it ready. I moved the table to the end of the kitchen so it would be where the serving would occur. That made room for more chairs, and I had bought a few more just to accommodate as many as I could, but still some people would be on the floor, just the way it is! I decorated, and cleaned, and cleaned and decorated. And listened to xmas music, and tried to keep it together. I went out to get some last-minute things and Chris got me and helped me get last-minute food so everything would be ready. Got home, and started the mad mariam dash of getting all the gifts for guests wrapped to go. Did I make it on time? Hell, no! LOL Not only that, most people were on time, darn it, why couldn't people be late?

Chris was baking away furiously as we had gotten not one, but two pies for the event (including a Cinnabon pie, yummy!) We also had pretzel sticks and dip, chips, sausages, pizza rolls, veggies and dip, all kinds of sweet snacks, and more! We were also ordering pizza but wanted to wait till everyone was there. First to come up were Alex and Tina, followed by Nick, Jeremy, Steve, Teresa, and Marissa. The music was playing, the food was cooking, and Mariam still wasn't dressed in her hostess wear or had the gifts were wrapped. Jeremy called Roger, so we could let him know of our fun and festivities. Chris and Nick continued to serve, as Mom wasn't even done with her gifts or ready. What a crew we were! We put on silly xmas movies and people mingled. 

Then, Chris and I had to make a run for more ice, soda, and juice, and we did that. Finally, I had some moments to change my clothes and I got in my dress. People liked it, I think I got cheered! Woohoo! My friend Roy also arrived, and was happy to join the festivities. I passed out the treat bags which everyone liked, then it was gift time! As you can see from the pictures below, everyone got something interesting and fun! Santa was good to everyone! From gambling books to bonsai potatoes to Hall and Oates goodies, there were fun gifts to be had! I then took my turn to open my gifts and enjoyed them so much. I got a Spongebob Squarepants toilet seat cover, the Entertainment book, watches, food items, jewelry, a scarf, and a homemade Madonna pillow! That was so nice of everyone to think of me like that! 

After, we got ready and handed out the 3-D glasses for our yearly traditional Santa vs. the Snowman in 3-D showing. It was dark, and there was lots of ooohing and aahing, I knew it had been a hit! After that, it was time for more sweets and goodies, and some folks had to head out. Those of us remaining had an sparkling apple cider toast, and the rest of us watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with Johnny Depp. That was a good time! Even though I was sick, my friends came together and showed me the true meaning of xmas, good friends who are like great family! Thanks to you all!


Photos of the event!

mariamparty_55.jpg (242942 bytes)
Jeremy was happy to get together, and talk to Roger!

mariamparty_54.jpg (286862 bytes)
Nick checks out the grub we have!

mariamparty_51.jpg (242005 bytes)
Food was in ready supply for my hungry guests!

mariamparty_48.jpg (222508 bytes)
It was fun to watch the weird stuff on the TV - cool xmas specials!

mariamparty_56.jpg (108024 bytes)
I made my rounds being hostess, but there was a lot to do!

mariamparty_46.jpg (208082 bytes)
Mom looks cute with her green hat!

mariamparty_47.jpg (229994 bytes)
Alex got into the spirit with fake teeth!

mariamparty_45.jpg (248587 bytes)
Doesn't Chris make a great Santa?

mariamparty_44.jpg (235722 bytes)
Marissa and Theresa look great in their antler ears!

mariamparty_43.jpg (224425 bytes)
Steve takes a look at all the food on the table!

mariamparty_42.jpg (270590 bytes)
Nick is resorting to stuffed animals on his head!

mariamparty_41.jpg (215895 bytes)
I now have to restore order to the party.lol

mariamparty_38.jpg (236079 bytes)
I am not sure what Alex is doing here.lol

mariamparty_37.jpg (249365 bytes)
After eating, it's time for sleeping!

mariamparty_36.jpg (242810 bytes)
I finally change my clothes! Yay!

mariamparty_33.jpg (228707 bytes)
3-D! Oh my!

mariamparty_32.jpg (255042 bytes)
Everyone's ready for the show!

mariamparty_29.jpg (246593 bytes)
Treat bags are a whole lot of fun!

mariamparty_27.jpg (338924 bytes)
The tree is filled with so many gifts from Santa!

mariamparty_25.jpg (240238 bytes)
People are busy opening!

mariamparty_12.jpg (266927 bytes)
I hope everyone enjoyed their presents!

mariamparty_9.jpg (227582 bytes)
Yes, I got a spongebob toilet seat cover! LOL

mariamparty_3.jpg (268414 bytes)
It was time for a toast to Xmas!

mariamparty_10.jpg (228826 bytes)
My friends sure had a good time!

mariamparty_1.jpg (229193 bytes)
Parties sure wore me out! But I had the best time!


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