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I love to eat!

I am always sampling something new!

One thing I know about myself is that, other than shopping, one thing I love to do is eat! From festivals to concert fare, I am out there grubbing with the best of them. I also seem to like pictures of this sort of sport. Here I am for all to see, eating away, yep, that's me! (dorky, I know! LOL)

xmas_11.jpg (269394 bytes)

vancouverbrad_5.jpg (159520 bytes)

vancouverbrad_1.jpg (269974 bytes)

rain_2.jpg (86910 bytes)

spaghetti_factory.jpg (171314 bytes)

mpicnic2.jpg (57819 bytes)

morefood.jpg (53810 bytes)

medessert.jpg (33765 bytes)

mechris_food.jpg (83297 bytes)

mariam_eating_6.jpg (257600 bytes)

mariam_easter2.jpg (80532 bytes)

hotdogtime_sm.jpg (68236 bytes)

commercial_pizza.jpg (181984 bytes)

mariam_lick.jpg (203275 bytes)

icecream.jpg (79450 bytes)

mewithfood.jpg (39303 bytes)

mewithfood_1.jpg (51779 bytes)

gelato.jpg (282645 bytes)

can10.jpg (48279 bytes)

puyallupicecream.jpg (46180 bytes)

meandrob1.jpg (61465 bytes)

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bainbridge2.jpg (70415 bytes)

barrie2.jpg (57698 bytes)

cake.jpg (240308 bytes)


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