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Another Great Hall and Oates Concert!

At the Paramount!

Mom and I hang out after the show and check out the cool marquee!

Soon after I had come back from my trip to California to see Madonna, I had less than a week to get it together and see my other faves, Hall and Oates! Do these guys all plan everything together or what? Anyhow, it was a great Friday night. Mom and I made it to downtown Seattle and decided to eat at the Nordstrom Café, (yummy food there!), then we met up with my friend Nick and made our way to the Paramount Theater. The marquee proudly displayed my band’s name. Can’t believe it was 2004 when I last saw them!

That time, I gave Daryl Hall roses, met Michael McDonald, and Michael dedicated a song to me on stage. Those were two incredible nights! (See article here) Anyway, we got inside, (no checking of cameras, even though the Paramount has been stiff in the past), and I tried to look up some of my H20 friends. I found Chris and his girlfriend and said hello, then went to the merch table, which had a lot of stuff from before. The big difference this time was they were making CD’s of the show afterwards! I knew where my money was going! Mom and I split the tab on that, I got a quick drink and surveyed the people mulling about. Overwhelmingly, they were older, but I saw some younger folks too.

Mom and Nick could wait no longer and made their way inside. I waited a bit and made my way to my seat. Having a front row ticket I was more than excited and being on the left, I had an amazing view of where Daryl would be, (which would become even better later). What is it with good seating luck this year? LOL Before the show began, another great H20 friend, Theresa, came to the front to say hello. It had been since x-mas when we last saw each other, so it was good to catch up!

The show started soon after and I loved seeing them on the stage again, (especially after Daryl’s bout with Lyme disease) Of course, they kicked it off with “Maneater” followed by “Do it for Love” and Daryl made note of all the banners that were in the audience with song requests. He honored a few by doing a solo track “Someone like You” – a very smoldering song, and a fave of mine “Wait for Me” that my friend Marisa later told me she had a banner for! Too cool! Scattered throughout were all the big hits – Say it isn’t so, Sara Smile, She’s Gone, I can’t go for that, Rich Girl and during “Out of Touch” Daryl finally moved from center stage over to my direction, smiled and posed for me and I was so awestruck I only managed to get one photo! Darn! LOL But I loved that moment he gave as I know how rare it is. That song will have a special place in my heart now. ;) 

Later, another music miracle happened. I wished and wished that they would do “Kiss on My List” and OMG, they did it! They also brought out the opening act who held his own vocally up against Daryl and that’s no small feat! It was purely magic and we got a CD of it after the show. Thank you Daryl and John for another amazing night! Your hits are on our list!


darylfight.jpg (45848 bytes)
Daryl was in great spirits!

daryl2.jpg (233574 bytes)
Singing that sweet soul!

mariamoutside.jpg (47528 bytes)
I was so happy to be there!

meandnick.jpg (60569 bytes)
My friend Nick and I at the show!


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