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The guys that I got a crush on!

You know every girl has got guys she's got crushes on, and I am no different. However, my list can be a lot different than most gals out there. Let me tell you who makes my hottie list! Counting back from #20...

20. Steve Martin - Steve Martin makes being hot look so easy. He's been doing it for years and he really has that finesse and style. I love him!




19. Michael Mcdonald - Well, when a guy puts his arm around you, dedicates your fave song of his to you on stage, then after his shows, sees you backstage and asks you how you liked it, let's just say he better be in your Top 20! Swoon!




18. Kevin Kline - Kevin got my attention in a Fish Called Wanda and kept impressing me with is great movies and style. Not to mention he is smokin!






17. Matthew McConaughey - Here's a hottie that knows what he's got. Sexy, smart, and a great drawl to his voice, he marches to the beat of his own drummer and I like that!








16. Prince - Yes, he is too funky - and very spicy too. First time I saw him up close, he walked right up on stage and talked to a small group of us. He's got piercing eyes and a dirty mind. I love it!





15. Jim O' Conner- The Food Network has many hotties - Bobby Flay and Alton Brown, but my pick is cutie Jim O' Conner. He goes to food festivals and gets in trouble. That's my kind of guy!



14. Tobey Maquire - I don't even like comic-book superheroes, but ooh la la, this hottie got me so interested! Tobey, you definitely can save me anytime!





13. Weird Al - This is the guy that was supposed to marry me! Waaaah! Well, that's ok, cause he is the leader of all things dorky, and that makes him, well, hot! Yum!




12. Johnny Depp - Isn't Pirates of the Carribbean enough of an incentive? If not, Johnny has always been hot, even in a leather jacket on 21 Jump Street . Question about lusting after him, how can you not?






11. Robert Smith - Goth has always had a certain appeal to me and no one represents goth better than Robert Smith of the Cure. His brooding eeys and look are enough to send me swooning! I was so lucky to see him in the pit in Los Angeles !







10. Steve Winwood - Another tall blonde who I admire. I so loved "Back in the High Life" and the hottie in suits who sang those songs. He puts on one hell of a show too!






9.  Ryan Stiles (Lewis on Drew Carey) - My nights wouldn't be complete without a visit from this guy. Ryan Stiles from Drew Carey is straight on funny and sexy to boot!





8. Jim Carrey - One of the best actors out there also happens to be one of the sexiest. Forget Tom Cruise, this is the man who gets me all hot and bothered! Allrighty then!






7. Bono - Everyone loves Bono. And any guy who can pull off a tight leather outfit like he did has my vote for ultimate hottie. Can't wait to see him next month!





6. Jeff Goldblum - Ever since he smiled that million-dollar-smile in " Jurassic Park ", I have been addicted. In fact, I spent most of "Lost World" just staring at Jeff instead of freaking out at the dinosaurs. Enough said!






5. Edgar Martinez - If you get a girlie girl like me into baseball, then you have got to be one hot player. And Edgar is definitely that. And a class act and a gentleman. That is HUGE!






4. Dave Gahan - The gorgeous lead singer of Depeche Mode has all the charisma for many bands besides his own when he commands the stage. I know I got flustered!







3. Simon Le Bon - This is one hell of a hot guy. So hot the girls are still panting for him and the guys are still jealous. Thanks to him, a guy in a suit is still a sight to see. Sigh...




2. Robbie Nevil - This is a guy I have had a crush on since he came out in the mid 80's. His sweet voice, gorgeous looks, and style make him quite the catch. Are you out there, Robbie?







1. Daryl Hall - What does it take to be #1? How about being my all-time fave crush since I was 12? How about having the most gorgeous eyes, smile and voice? Daryl Hall has it all, and boy does he earn his #1 status! Thanks for taking my roses, honey! You are #1 on my list!






There you have it! This list does have changes, but Daryl will always be number 1! Thank you for checking this out!


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