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Our Friend Spotlight - Jodi Lindberg!

Jodi is a whole lot of fun to hang around with! And she's a Madonna fan too!

I met Jodi back in 1996 just before Evita came out and it was a fun meetup with fellow M fans. Jodi lived in Puyallup and we spent many an evening watching Madonna videos and eating McD's! We went to the Evita premiere together and had a blast. We recently got together again last year for Madonna's Re-Invention Tour and Jodi has even met Madonna herself in 2003! She is a very cool friend and I am glad we met!

                                                                   Jodi Lindberg 

Fast Facts!

Name - Jodi Lindberg
Lives in Bonney Lake, Washington

Loves - Madonna, Christina Aguilera, dancing, concerts



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