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Our Friend Spotlight - Scott Holland!

One of the coolest guys out there, Scott Holland has been a friend of mine since 1995 when he say my page in the Encylopedia Madonnica book. An extraordinary artist with great skill, Scott and I became fast friends, and he began to do art for the Everybody zine. Now living in Boston, Scott and I still work together when we can and I have used some of his designs on shirts for the Everybody Fan Club at our CafePress store. Scott is also a featured artist in the Everybody art gallery. All I can say is, Scott, you rock!


                                                                    Scott Holland 

Fast Facts!

Name - Scott Holland
Lives in Boston, Masachusetts

Check out his art here at this art gallery page! (link coming soon)

Check out his cool designs at Cafe Press for Everybody! (link coming soon)


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