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Our Friend Spotlight - Alex!

Alex and I know where to hang to have fun!

Alex and I met on the Fourth of July in 2005 and promptly went to wal-mart and bought a vending machine. And that just shows how fun and wacky we truly are! Since then, we have met Spongebob three times (and he has met Patrick, lucky!) and we have gone to reunions, the zoo, festivals, fairs, Crazy Eric's and more! He recently was our first living xmas tree for our xmas party. Alex is awesome cause and just cause! You go, my friend!

Alex Cool
Fast Facts
Name: Alex Cool
Lives in Spanaway, Washington
Loves: Spongebob Squarepants, sewing and making cool clothes, UFO's, Crazy Eric's, Fresca and building his own empire!



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