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Our Friend Spotlight - Chris Dye!

Chris and I recently met up at the Pumphouse Pub in Bellevue. It was so fun to catch up on old times!

Chris Dye is a really good friend of mine. And I do mean really. He helped me when I lost my job thanks to the dot-com bust. He also was a faithful friend when my relationship went belly-up soon after. He helped me find inspiration by giving me web space to start the Everybody Fan Club online (now up for 3 years!) and even though he lives in Austin, Texas now, he is always there for me. Recently, he made a quick visit to Seattle and I got to wish him a Merry Xmas. Thank you, Chris - it's friends like you that make the world worth living in!

Chris Dye 

Fast Facts!

Name - Chris Dye
Lives in Austin, Texas
Loves - Spongebob Squarepants, Seattle Mariners, The Cure, the color black, grits, and being the original goth boy!
Site - http://www.geekbox.org


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