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Love, Angel, Music, Baby!

After listening to this album a few times since this Sunday, I know I had to say this - 80's fans, this is the album for you! From catchy 80's ditties ala Madonna and the Cure to a hybrid does of r'nb, hip-hop and tribal, Gwen mixes it up for some real fun! Here's the play-by-play -

What are you waiting for? - A great lead-off single with lots of spunk and energy - this is very much new wave 80's and lets Gwen go through all her vocal styles as well.

Rich Girl - Set to a great tribal hip-hop groove, Gwen takes on her version of Material Girl, plus using catchy fiddler on the roof references. This one is a club classic!

Hollaback Girl - This track is very interesting, though doesn't catch me as much as the others. I think this reminds me of all the hip-hop songs out there.

Cool - This is so 80's it is not even funny! Like Berlin, Pat Benatar and Cyndi Lauper all thrown in together! Ready for some time travel? Put this one on!

Bubble Pop Electric - First time I heard this was in Vancouver, Canada, this is a fun cruisin song and so girlie and hip. I want to crank this one up!

Luxurious - Kinda different than the rest of the album, but still enjoyable, Gwen goes Bedtime Stories on us with some sweet r'nb rhythms, like Dress You Up for today's girls.

Harajuki Girls - Very cute and sassy song. Obviously, Gwen took a trip to Japan and that inspired this song. I think it's very cute and fun myself.

Crash - This may be my favorite dance track on the album! From the vroom vroom intro, it revs up sass, spark, and sex appeal! I can imagine myself dancing to this one as it's fierce!

Real Thing - This almost sounds like "Time after Time" in the intro, but then it goes into New Order territory! Awesome! Gwen does a very good job like she did on Talk Talk's "It's My Life".

Serious - I love the funky intro and how much this sounds like Madonna! I wonder if Stephen Bray was behind the production of it! It is soooo good!

Danger Zone - This is more like Joan Jett or the rocker tunes of the era. I can just see Gwen with torn clothes, messy hair and doing those cute 80's dance moves!

Long Way to Go - Starts like Rhythm Nation then sounds very cool and funky. It's also very Prince-like in nature - this is a great bridge from past to current.

I was impressed with the sheer variety of the album and how great it sounds by sticking to what works and is tried and true. Love it!

4 stars




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