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Backtrack! My Canada trip in April 2006!

They know how to eat breakfast in Canada!

Welcome to our first flashback article. At times last year, I was unable to write articles for cool events that happened and now I want to step back and remember them. Thank you for taking this journey with me!

It was April of 2006 and my friend Nick was up in Vancouver for business, so he invited me to come tag along since it would cost less and I would only need a bus trip up there. I got it all worked out and made my way up there. As I was getting closer, my friend Brad was very excited to see me and told me he would pick me up instead of Nick so I said yes. When he got me, we went to a nice restaurant and then he took me to his university, (UBC). The campus was beautiful and we got some nice pictures. After that, we hung out in his neighborhood at Commercial Drive and a cool restaurant at night rounded out our day. I slept at the hotel and woke up for a day with Nick!

We went for breakfast at a cool place on Davie and proceeded to walk all the way across the bridge to Granville Island , (I realized later we could have taken the boat.lol). I am scared of heights a bit but I managed to make it across. As we got in, we stopped to check out some cool spots, blow bubbles, and then we were at the market! It was bustling, fun and full of sights to see! And a ton of gelato places.lol I sampled chocolate, checked out the kids mall and enjoyed the surroundings! We took the mini-boat back and walked over to their new library which was awesome. Why can’t we have a library this cool? We then made our way to the Lookout and it was an amazing view, but already the skies were overcast! We tried to get some shots and headed back – it was time for me to meet up with Brad and go dancing!

We both got gussied up and went to Granville Street where we waited a half an hour in the rain to get in. Finally in, we danced up a storm all night till I almost collapsed.lol I said good night to sweet Brad and konked out. The next day, Nick and I went to Chinatown , then ate some yummy Asian food and headed out. It was an amazing weekend and made me love Canada even more!

Next flashback – The Coachella festival and Madonna!Thank you Nick, Brad, and Canada!


More pics from my wonderful trip!

april_can13.jpg (34939 bytes)
That's CN Place below me!

mariam_trees.jpg (387100 bytes)
The UBC campus was beautiful!

mariam_lick.jpg (203275 bytes)
100's of flavors of gelato - yummy!

brad_lick.jpg (248523 bytes)
Brad liked it too!

april_can14.jpg (68248 bytes)
Chinatown is awesome!

april_can4.jpg (64766 bytes)
Slowly but surely.lol

april_can8.jpg (67559 bytes)
Dinos making their way through Granville

april_can6.jpg (40781 bytes)
Blowing bubbles is customary!

april_can11.jpg (53053 bytes)
Isn't Canada's library awesome?

april_can12.jpg (47222 bytes)
The view from the Lookout!


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