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Don't  you know that you're hot in Seattle tonight!

Billy really knows how to work up his crowd!

Charging his way into the Paramount Theater with spiky blond hair and his snarl firmly in check, Billy Idol's concert on July 11th was more than an 80's tribute, but a return to gold old-fashioned rock 'n roll. And who better to lead than the Idol man himself? He has a new album out called Devil's Playground, (with some pretty good tracks), looks as good as he did in his heyday, and packed in the crowds at the venue. Here's just a sample of some of the songs he had sung -

Hot in the City, Sweet 16, Rebel Yell, Mony, Mony, White Wedding, Dancing with Myself, Eyes Without A Face, To Be a Lover, and more. It was a mixture of old and new as he played stuff from his newest album. Before doing "White Wedding", he proclaimed "1982, Danceteria, I'm dancing with Madonna" which is a very accurate quote since she was hitting that club at that time and the two are friends. He made "Hot in the City" an anthem by including "Seattle" in the mix - yes, you don't often hear the words "hot" and "Seattle" in the same sentence, but Billy is all about breaking the rules, now isn't he? He had a great repartee with the audience, especially the girls in the front who were often getting a little more than they bargained for with sexy dances from their blond icon.

As for me, my seats with my friend Kurt weren't front and center, but not bad in the Paramount as they were on the floor and elevated just a bit. I really enjoyed just observing how many people dressed true to form and 80's style though I myself opted for more casual. We both had a blast reliving the past and hearing some great tunes. Pick up Billy's new album for some fun rock 'n roll!



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