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In the Name of Love!

Two gals who couldn't wait for their Bono!

Bands come and go. They change band members, end up on Vh-1 specials or do
reunion tours. One band from my generation has been avoiding all of that.
And doing it with style! U2 rocked the Key Arena Sunday April 24th and
reminded fans and concertgoers alike of the above fact. my seat way up in
the 200 level was still a gem as I was able to see the stage and had a video
screen near me.

I made my own shirt for the event ("I Desire U2") and headed to Seattle
with my mom, my friend and his rommate who joined us at the food
court. After nourishment, we got into the Arena and I chose to miss the
opening act (Kings of Leon) so I could get souvenirs. We waited in line the
entire duration of their show where I nabbed the program, buttons and a very
cool personalized poster with the Key Arena dates on it. A quick trip to the
restroom and it was time to get ready!

We waited and watched people do the wave (successfully for several rounds)
until the lights went out. Fever pitch doesn't begin to describe the devotion of U2 fans to their band and Bono certainly made note of it. From hugging fans to pulling them on stage, I was waiting for him to take the shirt off his back and give it to a fan (now that would have been a show!
LOL) but he still managed to give his all. I don't remember the entire
setlist - but here are some of the songs they sang - Elevation, Beautiful Day, Where the streets have no name, Sunday bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Pride (in the name of love), One, Vertigo, Mysterious Ways, etc.

The stage set-up was very unique using the same GA standing only inside and outside of a big ring that Bono used thoroughly (even laying down at one point) and there were beautiful bead-like curtains hanging down that projected numerous lights, images and more. Video screens displayed the band so we could see them better as well.

Highlights were obvious as Pride was followed by Where the streets have no name and One was a huge sing-along. The big omission was "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and "With or Without You" but with a catalog
like this band has, you just can't do it all. Before "One", Bono thanked the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for their tireless efforts to help third-world countries. (Bono also stayed at Gates' place and Gates was in the audience for the sunday night show) A text number was shown on screens as the arena lit up with cell phones, which I think have become the new lighter for concerts today. ;)

At the end, I didn't want to leave and that's when I know it's been a great show. Bono, thank you for your concern, style, charisma and for sticking with the Edge, Adam, and Larry. In this case, nothing is better than the real thing!


                         My U2 Concert Photo Gallery!

beforeshow_outside.jpg (322805 bytes)
Getting ready for the show!

me_mom_outside.jpg (295785 bytes)
Me and mom laugh and get ready!

U2_1.jpg (205161 bytes)
I loved the circles effect!

U2_2.jpg (94089 bytes)
Bono gives it up!

U2_3.jpg (32734 bytes)
What a cool set!

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